Update: Now 7.56 lb. Ruegamer, 3,414 grams. new pics, p. 5+6

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by donald

Finally I am under 8 lbs. The pictures are with my Becker saddle, which has a weight of 7.95 lbs. The 7.89 is with my Dash saddle, which is the one I have been using the most. If you remember, the frame is 4 1/2 years old. A custom, 54 cm. Zen Uberlight, 86 mm. BB shell with pressed in ceramic bearings, 610 grams with F. & R. derailleur hangers and down tube bosses installed. What brought the weight down is the new Eclipse inner tubes. They are a little heavier than 29 grams, 30 and 31 grams. I have had two good rides with them and I really like them. They don't lose air like a latex tube and are supposed to have lower rolling resistance. Fork: Edge 1.0, 243 grams; Stem: Extralite UL3, 110 mm. modified, 78.5 grams. Bar. Schmolke TLO, 44 cm. Levers: Campy carbon, modified, including al. nut & bolt carbon clamp. 117 grams. F. der. Campy Record, modified, including Ti. spring. 46.5 grams. R. der. Shimano Dura Ace 8-spd. modified, 108 grams. Crankset: THM Calvicula, modified, 172.5, 373 grams. Chainrings: Fibre-lyte, 53 & 38, 64 grams. Pedals: Aerolite Ti.,65 grams. Brakes: AX Orien, modified, 98 grams the pair with all hardware carbon holders, cork pads. Seatpost: Performance, modified, Carbon craddle and clamp, al. bolt, 295 mm. 84.5 grams. Chain: Yaban Ti. 208 grams. Headset: KCNC Morien, 28 grams. Cassette: Tiso, modified, 12 & 13 cogs are carbon, Its a 12-21 8-spd. All cable housing is Tune plastic. I made the front rim a little heavier, now it is 225 grams. F. wheel, is a 27 gram Dash hub, 16 Pillar Ti. spokes, Fred Johnson Mag clincher rim. R. is 237 gram Mag rim, 93 gram Dash hub, Pillar Ti. spokes. Tires are Velo Flex Record, 125 grams each. The bike has index shifting. All other weights for things like skewers, cables, bar tape, etc. are on my other posts.
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by Weenie

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by donald

I forgot to list the cassette weight, it is 62 grams. Also the total weight for the front wheel is 309 grams, The rear is 407 grams, and yes, they are clinchers. I have been using Fred Johnson mag rims for over 20 years, never had any serious problems, main problem was little cracks at the spoke holes, mainly from high tension.

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by CarpetFibre

This is a truly incredible bike. Glad to see it's under 8lb now! I am most impressed by the wheels, clincher as well! They must be incredible to ride. I may be in the minority too, but I think it's aesthetically fantastic - looks brilliant and has a certain cutting edge look about it. Thanks for sharing!

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by 5shot

So, would a second water bottle cage and bar end plugs put the weight back over 8lb?

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by Dman

WoW. How much do you weigh if you don't mind me asking? What would the rider weight limit be on the complete bicycle?
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by donald

It has bar end plugs. I made them myself. They are carbon, I think they are 3 grams the pair. I weigh 140 lbs, just a hair under 5' 10 ". I'm not sure about a weight limit on the frame. At the time I told Rue that I wanted the absolute lightest frame possible. He said my frame was as stiff as a Trek 5500 frame, and I also observed him banging tubes against a table very hard, without cracking. I would think someone around 185 lbs. could ride it without a problem. Right now only my seatpost would perhaps be a problem for anyone over 160 lbs., especially on bad roads.

Simon BP
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by Simon BP

WOW incredible weight!
What seatpost is it?

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by Martin.F

Applause! How does it feel to ride such a light bike? Does it feel fragile at all?

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by Valbrona

The saddle points down somewhat, and the chain looks to be on the short side.

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by dolophonic

Nice job.. WW is not dead.

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by campbellrae

:shock: That is the most astonishing build I have ever seen, simply incredible! Well done indeed!

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by Epic-o

I love it. Really nice attention to the detail

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by prendrefeu

Fantastic work Donald, thank you.
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by Weenie

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by xnavalav8r

That is one seriously ugly bike. I LOVE IT!

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