when/if to reapply

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by dlight

I race in a very muddy race this past weekend. The clay was difficult to remove. During cleaning I had to apply a lot of force to remove the clay.

So did I also remove some of the side wall sealant?
Should I reapply?

In general when/if should I reapply?

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by Rich_W

What kind of tires? What kind of sealant?

This season, I have a new regimen. Been using Mc Nett's Tent Sure on my Dugasts this season and really clean the snot out of them after races. Soap and water works well... I also hit them with some citrus cleaner... Real important to rinse and dry out the water. Tent Sure is so thin, its easy to throw the wheels on the truing stand and paint another quick coat and set them aside to dry.

Sometimes the sealant gets a little gooey, but I found if I lightly clean the sidewalls with some acetone, let that dry, reapply tent sure, let that dry. Then if there are still some stickyness left, I coat the sidewalls with baby powder, which even makes them look cleaner/newer.

Anyway, real happy with how this has worked out this season... I will easily get another season out of these tires.

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