Is there a benefit from compact frames?

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by norcal

Is there a benefit of compact frame design other that weight. How is the ride effected?
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by Weenie

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by Racing Aardvark

do you want the marketing hype or the actual changes? ;)

so, the smaller triangles translates into a stiffer chassis. HOWEVER, this is then offset when in the saddle by the seatpost which flexes considerably more.

the smaller chassis is also lighter, again, offset to some degree by a longer seatpost.

aerodynamics - the compact frame is NOT more aero. Also, John Cobb found that round seatposts on compat frames the most aero (not the aero-shaped ones), while an aero-shaped seatpost is the most streamlined option on a traditional horizontal-top tubed frame. Interesting that.

Now, for manufacturers, the big payoff is the decrease in sizes required. Even Mike Burrows (the guy who put these on the map) says one of his main reasons for it was that by only having to offer a few sizes, the companies should be able to manufacture them for less money..hmm, funny, haven't seen that shift yet. ;)

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by Oswald

I have relatively short legs... so I couldn't easily find a good fitting roadframe before... Either the stem would have been very long, or I wouldn't have had enough standover clearance...

But thanks to Giant's tcr geometry I can now just buy a stock frame instead of paying a lot of money for custom geometry!!

So for me, it's more then welcome!!

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by cadence90

norcal wrote:Is there a benefit of compact frame design other that weight. How is the ride effected?

See for further discussion on this topic.
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