Avid shorty ultimate - rubbish stopping power

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by tri

So I got my cross with Avids shorty ultimate brakes with (stock?) black swisstop pads. I put on the brakes and close to nothing happens. This is on alu-rims and the bike came pre-mounted (all I did was adjust some minor things as seat post, handlebars and such) I can't see anything that should/could be wrong with the brake setup.

Now I'm not excepting cantis to be like hydralic discbrakes but the brake action is close to none with these. I'm actully afraid to take a minor turn with these.

Change pads? What's my best option here?

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by Guymk

I think they might be set up wrong, i was racing today and afterwards I test rode someones bike and their avid shorty ultimates were great

by Weenie

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by inthedrops

Something is wrong, they should work.

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by dlight

Something is wrong. I've been running these for over a year. I've tried almost all the options, they are the best.

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by ajh

Are you sure they are not the new dark dark blue pads as those are horrible.

I have been using the Ultimates for over two years and they are fantastic brakes. There was a great setup guide for these from velonews some time last year.
http://velonews.competitor.com/2010/10/ ... der_147730[/url]

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