broken frame

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by vcnz worst race ever. Cyclocross can be very painful

I'm desperate now :-(


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by Weenie

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by OrPe

is that a litespeed Ti?

probably repairable...


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by vcnz

yes it is.
Hope they can repair it. I can't live without that frame... :-(

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by ldamelio

Surprised Litespeed doesn't use a replaceable derailleur hanger for cross bikes. Sorry about your problem. If it can't be fixed, there's this (and others out there - I just found this with a quick search): ... s&var=sbar

Cant vouch for how well they function or whether your shifting will function super-well for a race bike, but it may enable you to salvage it to pit-bike standards for cheap. Otherwise, try and enjoy it as a nice single speed. I'm a ti guy also. And getting way ahead of myself, Lynskeys cross bikes are superb and have replaceable derailleur hangers.

Good luck.

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by voodoojar

It can be repaired. If litespeed won't I recommend calling Lynskey and just paying them to fix it. Lynskey has done a fair amount of repairs and some custom frame welding for me over the years always with really nice results.

Since you have to take your bike completely apart to have it fixed you should run full liners on your cables when you put it back together.

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by Rich_W

That sucks... but you see that all the time at muddy races. You really need to think twice before racing a single bike in those sort of conditions. If you're gonna truly *race* cross, you need two bikes. I have two as a master, and many the guys out there even go with 3.

Nittany Lion - the first race in the MAC was such a sludge fest I remember lapping no less than 3 guys eating the "Deraileur Wrap" Sandwich

How about getting a new dropout welded on there, sell that baby... Get yourself two aluminum cross frames. Worry more about reliability than weight. Of course Van Dessel's are preferable! :thumbup:

Oh, and FWIW, I was talking to Justin Lindine this weekend at Providence, and homie spanked the Pro field 2x on aluminum Redlines...

by Weenie

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