Weight Weenies cycling kits?

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by Timebandit415

Can we still get the Weight Weenies cycling kits? I remember looking up the thread but someone mentioned that they are not being sold anymore? I would be very interested in buying a kit or two if they are being sold again!


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by KvnP

I'd also like to know !!
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by Weenie

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by pbb99

a 2nd order was attempted a few months ago but not nearly enough people committed

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by prendrefeu

Basically: there was a lot of interest, but when it came down to actually putting up some money to purchasing one all of a sudden the people with "interest" and "definitely going to buy one" didn't.

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by Szczuldo

I am willing to do another if we can get people to be interested. I'll give more details later.
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If you are interested in a Weight Weenies kit I no longer know what you should do.

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by elmo

If an idea comes to real kit I would be interested too. Are there any projects?

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by elmo

Sticky thread at the top :oops:

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Tinea Pedis
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by Tinea Pedis

Can we pop any more replies in the thread already created.

Ta guys :thumbup:

by Weenie

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