2011 Cervelo R5 54cm-SR 11 (UPDATED: w/Reynolds Forty Six )

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by billspreston

Looks awesome with the new Reynolds :thumbup:

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by grid256

Hard to argue with that! Bike looks fantastic with the new shoes.

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by fa63

Looks great in its latest iteration. I am especially loving how the green tires match the frame.

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by rb4life


Lovely build. Just curious as to which previous R series frames you had cracked? I'm currently looking at either a 2010 R3sl or the new 2011 R3.

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by em3

rb4life, the three previous cracked R-series frames were a 2009 R3, 2010 R3 & 2010 R3SL...all had the now familiar cracks on the BB shell.

If you are deciding between the 2010 R3 SL and the 2011 R3, the choice is very obvious IMO...go with the 2011 R3. The handling on the 2011 frames (due to slightly longer chainstays and tapered headtube and fork) yield a much more stable and better handing frame, especially at high speeds. In addition, as I indicate in my review, the BB stiffness is also quite noticeable. The weight difference between the frames you are comparing is negligible once you factor the advantage in handling/ride characteristics of the 2011 frame.

I suppose the only advantage of going with the 2010 R3 SL is that you will soon end up with a 2011 R5 warranty replacement after the familiar crack develops on your 2010 frame...that is, of course, only if you are buying the frame new from an authorized Cervelo dealer.

Good luck with your decision,

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Powerful Pete
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by Powerful Pete


In the meantime, I will go and check my R3's BB for cracks... :wink:
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by jonm

Stunning build. Subtle colour coordination that really works.

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by fignonsbarber

I like the geometry improvements of 2011 R3, but I am a bit concerned about using my campagnolo group with the BBright adaptor set up. How has that been working for you? great looking bike, by the way!

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by em3

Thanks for all the comments on the build guys. I just changed out shoes to the 320 TPI version of the Pave with the single green stripe down the middle...takes a bit of the green edge off and makes for a more balanced look....will share pics shortly.

Regarding the BBRight adapter and Campy cranks....the adapter cups are widely available from your Cervelo dealer and the first set is free when you order your new frame (just specify what BB system you are using). Note that the use of Loctite 609 or 641 together with Loctite Primer 7649 is imperative when installing BBRight press fit adapter cups. Cervelo has yet to issue an official directive on this issue to dealers and consumers but their reps have been quite active on the Cervelo Forum outlining these instructions. Once the adapter cups are properly installed the fit is perfect and the system runs smoothly....the stiffest BB I have ever ridden!


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by majklnajt

Love the wheels/tyres combo!! :thumbup:
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by dgasmd

I'm not a Cervelo fan for unknown reasons to me, but this one looks very nice. I must say it must be one of the <4-5 Cervelos I've seen with Campagnolo. I was beginning to think there was something inherent about these frames that prevented owners from using Campagnolo LOL............

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by oreoboreo

I sure like the green...
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by Permon

[quote="em3"]Latest update…lost 250 gm with new 2011 Reynolds Forty Six clinchers (1480 gm w/o decals), C-4 skewers (55gm) , Veloplugs (8gm), and Extralite Ultrastar expander plug (8 gm)…. currently at 6.65Kg.

I dont get it..... Neutrons are 1470g ..... Reynolds are 1480g. I do not see -250g :-)
Anyway, my R3 (2007, black + red) is at 6,9kg with 2007 Chorus + Hyperons. Frame itself was 920g, size 58cm. I am planning to buy Super Record and I ll be at your weight (6,7kg) :beerchug:

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by em3

Permon wrote:I dont get it..... Neutrons are 1470g ..... Reynolds are 1480g. I do not see -250g :-)
Anyway, my R3 (2007, black + red) is at 6,9kg with 2007 Chorus + Hyperons. Frame itself was 920g, size 58cm. I am planning to buy Super Record and I ll be at your weight (6,7kg) :beerchug:

Hello Permon, Neutron Ultras might weigh 1470 (at least claimed weight by Campy) but the real weight of my Neutron (non-ultra model) is 1605 g (w/out rim strips and skewers)...bit portly but IMO still the most reliable and durable factory built wheels money could buy.

The 250gm total weight savings I list includes the the few additional parts I mentioned:

Campagnolo Neutron 1605 / Reynolds Forty Six 1480 = -125g
Rim Strips 30 / Veloplugs 8 = net -22g
Campagnolo Skewers 115 / C-4 Skewers 55 = -60g
FSA compression plug 40 / Ultrastar Expander 8 = -32 g
Michelin Butyl Tubes 85x2 / Michelin Latex 80x2 = -10 g
net loss = 249 grams

I wanted to get the total wight under 6.8Kg without crazy expensive upgrades and loss of durability and comfort...it was actually quite easy, and not expensive.

Enjoy your R3!

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by dhendriksen

Good looking bike...my best riding buddy has the same frame.

I've got to say you Cervelo owners are crazy. My friend mentioned above went through 2 R3SL's before ending up with this R5. Both the R3SL frames were warrantied due to frame cracks, but not on the bb. On one the joint where the top tube and seat tube connect cracked, and on the second he lost a rivit that was holding the front derailleur hanger.

Sounds like these are prone to crack...

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