Proform "tour de france" stationary trainer

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by VTBike

I did a search on this, and found nothing.. any real-world opinions on this trainer from Proform? After seeing so many adds in magazines/tv, I was surprised to find out it was only $1300.. Which is a ton of money, but I just thought it would be $2k plus.

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by sgallery

You can find some reviews on youtube. Is so expensive fot its quality. I have one...
It requires for some mechanical completions (on my rustles cranksets). Also, need to buy heart rate monitor like polar (I have garmin - incompatible).
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by FIJIGabe

i've read some less than stellar reviews of the first generation. the principal complaint i have seen is difficulty in getting the maps to load, because the wireless function is bad. i want to say did a review, but please don't quote me on that.

if you NEED to buy a trainer like that, i recommend going with a standard spinning bike. the manually adjustable tension works great for hill climbs, and being all manual, there's much less risk of something breaking. that, and the bikes are a lot less expensive.
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by kos

For that kind of money you can get one of these:

And still come out a couple hundred ahead. I actually took a look at that trainer as I searched for something to replace my crappy Tacx Bushido (bugs from hell), and couldn't even get basic info such as "how do I download my ride data"? I'm still not sure you can even do that, because their website is so sparse. (And btw, I consider sparse websites suspicious.)

After a ton of research (including a stellar review from DC Rainmaker), I decided on the Kickr. They've just started shipping so I'm hoping to get mine next week.

If anyone wants a cheap Bushido, let me know. But be forewarned, the software is crap.

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by me

Can you post a review of the kickr once you have used ot for a few weeks please

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