DT Revolution or Sapim Laser for loaded touring bike?

Especially for light weight issues concerning cyclocross / touring bikes & parts.

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by bikemaniac


I'm would like to build a new set of wheels for my touring bike. Some specs:

Wheel size: 26"
Total weight (rider+bike+gear): 100 kg, all luggage on rear pannier only.
Riding condition: Only paved roads
Special features: The rear wheel is laced symmetrical, i.e. the wheel is built with the same spoke lengths on each side and also with the same spoke tensions on both sides.

Can I use DT Revolution or Sapim Laser (2,0-1,5-2,0) spokes for that setup or is it too risky? Does anybody have som experience?


by Weenie

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by 5shot

I wouldn't build a touring bike wheel with DT Revolution spokes. I'd probably use straight 14 gauge spokes. Touring bikes need to be strong, not lightweight.

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by MileHighMark

How many spokes?
Disc or rim brakes?

Personally, I'd just go with standard DB spokes.
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by Cyco

You could easily get away with either of the light spokes, as long as you have enough.

I'm over 110kgs by myself and spoke wheels for myself with Revs on the front and NDS, and Comps on the DS.

If you want really heavy duty you get Alpine 3s, and in my experience plain gauge spoke have no place on high end wheels.
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by bikemaniac

MileHighMark wrote:How many spokes?
Disc or rim brakes?

32 spokes and non-disc rim.


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by nachtjager

use DT comps and be done, Super comps if you must. Like a previous poster said, touring is all about reliability.

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by kulivontot

Looking to save weight on your touring bike? Spokes are probably not the right place to do it. DT Comp's will be like 1/2-1/3rd the price of either of the spokes you have listed with maybe a 2-3g weight penalty per spoke. Personally, since the single greatest point of failure on touring bikes is always the wheels , I'd look to shave grams off of components that your gear is not sitting directly on top of.

by Weenie

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