BOYD 38 OR Williams 38 ?? Help me make a decision.

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by G6612

I have been kicking around getting Carbon rims for about 8 months now and never pulled the trigger. I have narrowed my choice to Boyd 38's or Williams 38's any +/- of either wheelset would be appreciated. I currently have two wheelsets RS80's and Mavic Ksyrium SL's currently running the Mavics. Will going to carbon have any benefits over my two current wheelsets and should I be concerned about the current braking issues I have heard about carbon? My bike is a Cannondale SuperSix if that matters. Any input or advice would be appreciated.

by Weenie

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by nickf

I like my williams 38 clinchers. F 613g, R 869 no skewers, using rox rim strips. They are not WW. But they roll so smooth and are durable. Take out a lot of the road buzz on my CAAD9. Braking is great in the dry but in the wet not so good. I can stop but just not as well as a alu rim. Thats most carbon wheels anyways. Come with a 2 year warranty and crash replacement program. Boyd wheels seem nice to, ugly graphics though.

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by ricerocket

Why would you get 38's? They'd be the same weight as what you have now. Why not (a) go aero and get something 58mm+ deep, or (b) superlight and go 20mm deep? 38mm doesn't do anything well.

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by Doolop

They wont roll as fast as the rs80s

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by Getter

They both appear to use the same hoops...not sure about the hub and spokes.

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by yrodriguez317

I just recently received a set of Boyd 58's. they were true to advertised weight, and came true out of the box. the warranty seems bullet proof and the service is damn near unmatchable.

Here is a bad phone Pic from after my ride last night. I think the decals look pretty good.


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by worstshotever

Several guys on my team are running Boyd 58s and at least one guy the 38s, and have been using them in competition for several months. All are very happy with them, and as mentioned about, report excellent support from Boyd.

That said, also have heard much positive feedback on Williams .... so if they are both in your price range, both seem good choices.

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by false_Aesthetic

Boyd's customer service is effin awesome.

You could probably call him up and ask his opinion about wheels, the Senate or Pippa Middleton.

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by yrodriguez317

false_Aesthetic wrote:Boyd's customer service is effin awesome.

You could probably call him up and ask his opinion about wheels, the Senate or Pippa Middleton.

yes, call him, or email him and he will tell you how he feels. he also frequents BF. and will answer questions or chime in. I have 0 complaints so far :thumbup: .

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by duz10s

Boyd would be my choice, uses better spokes, both seem same rims, and if you dont like the graphics just take them off.

I have contacted Boyd before and never had someone respond so quickly with as much detail as he did, seems very sure of what he produces.
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by Nomotor

I have a set of 50mm's from Boyd and they ride great.Their customer service is top notch.I had a few questions about the wheels after I purchased them and Boyd called me promptly and answered everything thoroughly.He really seems to take pride in his product and backs it strongly.I have no purchasing experience with Williams but they do answer their email questions promptly and politely.

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by learnmedia

You can't go wrong with either. I ride Boyd 50 clinchers. Love 'em. As stated by others, Boyd's customer service is unsurpassed and is wheels are very nice. My son rides Williams 58 clinchers. He similarly swears by Keith Williams. His customer service experience has been every bit as good and he loves his wheels. Pick one.

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by Rob1519

I have been riding Boyd 50mm tubulars for about six months. The wheels are great and as true as the day they arrived. I am 180lbs and ride these wheels in a spirited manner. There is no noticeable flex when climbing or diving into a turn and very responsive to rider input.

Customer service/communication from Boyd Johnson himself was simply excellent. For the price you get Sapim X-Ray spokes and for an additional $35.00, a set of SwissStop yellow pads. Considering the warranty and crash replacement program, you cannot go wrong with Boyd wheels.

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by DoggedWarrior

Boyd Carbon rims and hubs are both manufactured in Taiwan.

The rims are not made by Gigantex according to Boyd.

Does anyone Know the names of the makers of both the rims and the Hubs.

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by carbondragster

I'm leaning towards Boyd's as well. Just can't decide between 38F/38R, 38F/50R or 50F/50R? With the 50's I'm mostly concerned about strong crosswinds that I experience on some rides.

I'm just under 190 and wonder if the rear 24 spoke count will hold up under my weight? I also like to sprint during rides with friends and the club, so wouldn't want noticeable wheel flex under load (or when I stand during some climbs).

I'd only be doing training rides (no racing) and riding these wheels half the season (I have a mountain bike I ride quite a bit too).

I was also thinking of either Soul C4.0 or 5.0, but right now I'm more keen on looking at Boyd wheels.

by Weenie

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