TRP CX 8.4

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by nitropowered

The guys over at TRP hooked me up and I got two sets of the new CX 8.4 brakes for my rigs this year. They are so new, they aren't even in retail packaging.

Forging and anodizing looks top notch. Weight is looking at 170g per wheel, but there is some weight savings to be had if you switched to Ti brake bolts and skipped the brake boot. The noodle also has an integrated barrel adjuster. Another thing to consider is that you loose some weight of the front cable hanger. Mine weighed just north of 30g. Depending on your frame, you may also be able to save some weight on the rear one.

I installed them on one bike and took it for a quick spin and they work quite well. Not a lot of mud clearance but that is somewhat expected.


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by Briscoelab

They look awesome. I'm running the CX9s on my A bike and some cheapo Tektro 80mm length ones on my single speed.

I use sram on my two geared bikes, so the shorter arms of the 8.4 are going to be much welcomed.

Can't wait for these babies to come out for the rest of us!

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by nitropowered

They are available direct through TRP right now. They haven't hit most distributors yet

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by Briscoelab

Called them and got a set.

They said they are pre-production and don't come with the adjustable noodle. Oh well...... I've got some inline adjusteres :)

Also weird, the guy said they are coming with Ti bolts... but the production version will have SS. I'm assuming he had it backwards. Guess I'll just see what shows up!

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by derekshred

any feedback on their rim/pad clearance and lever feel compared to the cx9? Am I missing out big time for not holding out for these and getting the 9's?

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by Briscoelab

if you are running Campy or Sram levers, get the cx 8.4. I've got a set of cx9 on my sram bike and while OK, these are going to be a lot better.

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by nitropowered

I have sram levers. Feels pretty mushy until it suddenly brakes hard. I probably need to let some more cable out. But plenty of stopping power. I will have to actually practice to get used to these brakes.

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by crossrider

Do people not think these v type cross brakes are very wishy washy, then they just jam on?

Doesn't seem to be much modulation at all compared to the euro x's, Maybe good for fast dry crits but once it gets muddy I wouldn't want to lock and loose the front end in a slippy corner.

Anyone else experienced this with them?

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by Briscoelab

Got these installed on my B bike last night. They are really quite nice.

The lever feels is a lot better than with the CX9's on there and I've got a touch more pad clearance as well.

The pre-production ones didn't coem with the adjustable noodle (but I already had some installed with the CX9 anyway) and strangely they came with 3 Ti mounting bolts and one stainless. Again, I didn't really care because I have a bunch of Ti bolts laying around. The brake cable pinch bolts are stainless as well, so you could have a bit of weight there.

Can't wait to get out and ride them tonight!

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by SpeedyChix

I started with the CX 9s but have swapped out to the 8.4s with my SRAM levers. Love em! Good stopping action, no I don't have the clearance I did with the Pauls but I like how these are working.
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I have a set of CX9s with SRAM SS levers. It took some effort on the setup but I feel like I got them dialed in pretty well. I get decent modulation, I just have to be careful not to grab the front brake too hard. That said, I would like to get a pair of the 8.4s to get a greater feel with modulation. I'm holding out for the production model I guess as the price should drop slightly.

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by Beaver

Hello, does anyone know when these brakes will be availiable?

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by JBV

They've been available off and on direct from TRP, call the support number and ask what they have available.

When I called a couple weeks ago they said they expected to have them to distributors by Oct 30, so they may start showing up in stores soon.

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monty dog
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by monty dog

Just ordered a pair from Excel Sports in the US because nothing appears to be available in Europe at present - they received a consignment on Tuesday. Product management fail, hyping-up a new CX brake and yet not getting them into the supplychain until mid-way through the CX season?
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by mjduct

anybody put these on yet? I'm thinking they would go with my next build since they provide more leverage for my Weenie Campagnolo Chorus shifters...

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