How much fitness loss in a one week vacation at the beach?

A light bike doesn't replace good fitness.

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by veloman

Hi, I'm a 50 yr. old Cat 4 roadie who just returned to racing this year after a 6 year hiatus. I only started training in May so now it's the beginning of August and I'm just starting to feel some form with a week long beach vacation on an island with no chance of training. Two weeks after I get back, I plan on doing a medium length road race and am concerned about how much fitness I'll lose. Can anyone suggest a training plan for the two weeks after I get back and leading into the race? Much obliged.

by Weenie

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by garyh

I doubt you will lose any fitness in a week. Eat sensibly given that you won't need any carbs to burn and try and get lots of sleep. You will probably find yourself stronger for the rest.

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by bricky21

If you have been racing and training hard and regularly all season then you will probably be stronger after a week on the beach. Remember, training doesn't make you stronger it makes you weaker, but recovering from training does make you stronger.

If you haven't been relatively disciplined throughout the season then there isn't much your gonna be able to do about it with two weeks to go before your event.

When you get back ride as if you didn't miss a beat. The absolute worst thing you could do when you get back is to change your routine and try to make up for time off the bike which will virtually guarantee you will be fatigued for your upcoming event.

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by jmilliron

Like everyone else has said, put in a big training block before you leave and you'll probably come back stronger.
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by Tapeworm

You'll probably lose 50-90% of your FTP, gain about 5-20kgs and will forget how to pedal a bike. Many will laugh at your loss of form. You will suck so much you should just sell your bikes now.

BUT it will probably be more in the order of 0-2% reduction of FTP (barely testable). And if sensible on the food and drink a nominal weight gain (probably good for you if training hard). The mental break could be well worth it though.
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by rustychain

A bit of cross training, Something to get the heart rate up. Swimming, running on the beach, nude volley ball :noidea:
will preserve a surprising amount of fitness vs couch potato watching TDF reruns :beerchug:
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by artray

I took a week off last year , it was a disaster.

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by ultyguy

I took a week off last year (also beach) and then had the richest vein of form I've ever had and it held for a month. :noidea: But like those above said, my 'training load' would've been really high the weeks before.

by Weenie

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