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by digitalnorbs

Can some one help me narrow down some saddles that are softer on the nose. Since I have started to ride with my local team, and hammering on my rides, I been spending more and more time on the front of the saddle. I like to be a bit more over the cranks it seems, should I get a TT saddle, LOL

Please advice

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by theremery

Agree with Laager.
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by nitropowered

Soft nose saddles might initially feel good (like the first 5 minutes), then your junk kinda digs into the nose and then its all kind of hell.

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Powerful Pete
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by Powerful Pete

Yup. Sounds like time to carefully review your position.

Soft saddles = numb junk = rather unpleasant feelings and performance.

Adjust your position and you will be able to continue using your racing saddle...
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by nitropowered

If you really want to try a soft nose saddle, I have a Profile Design Tri-Stryke Elite I'll get rid of cheap

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by jmartpr

If you go that route....Selle Italia SL T1 or SLR T1

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by digitalnorbs

Thanks for your help, Im going to work on my fit and see how that goes, I will have to hold of on any new saddles for now, thank you though

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by Pantani

For what its worth, the San Marco Zoncolan has a relatively soft nose but is not squishy when sitting on the centre of the saddle. Its pretty narrow though so better suited to slim hips.
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by eflayer

one that surprised me. WTB Pure V saddle. They make many models of this saddle. Some covers have subtle sewn seams and some are perfectly smooth. Some lighter, some heavier. I have sewn and smooth on different bikes and can't even feel the seams.

i went to this saddle after riding on Brooks B17 for many years on many bikes. the WTB has just enough padding, smooth down-curved nose and a shape that just happens to fit my anatomy. i would have never thought so from looking at it, but once installed, i am converted:

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