Cervelo R5ca 51cm 10.75 lbs

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by sedluk

I have finished building up my second R5ca, I now have compact rings on my first one. I took a picture with my RZR wheels because they are lighter and I thought it would be fun to post a lighter bike.

Cervelo 51cm R5ca
Reynolds RZR
Campy 2011 Levers, FR, RD, Chain
Zipp VumaQuad crank with Fibre lyte rings
Speedplay X pedals with Ward Ti spindles
Ax Lightness AX3000 brakes with BTP - Bike Tuning Parts Cable Fixing Bolt
Ax Lightness Daedalus Seatpost L1
Ax Lightness Zeus Stem
Ax Lightness AX4100 Compact handlebar
Ax Lightness cages
I-Link cable housings/liner with Power Cordz
Campy 11-25 cassette
Fizik Antares 00
Tune Carbon Top Cap
Arundel Cork handlebar wrap
Tune U20 Skewers
Conti 4000 tires



On this build I tried the Fibre-lyte chainrings and Power Cordz inside i-link housings. I will need more time on the chainrings, the Power cordz seem to shift better than the steel cables.

I never installed the Cane Creek AER headset with norglide, I went with a FSA Orbit IS-CF Headset for the upper headset. I went with the Tune carbon top cap, it helps keep the headset from getting loose.

I will probably have the RZR wheels on my bike that has the compact rings. The Obermayers will most likely be on this one.

I have a couple thousand mile on the Ax Lightness water bottle cages and so far have not lost a water bottle. I like the easy entry as well.

I included a picture of how I set up the brakes with Power Cordz. This was my best guess at the most secure way to install them.

I have a Recon 11-27 cassette that I will try now that I am using the Power Cordz, I did not care for the shifting when using the I-Link steel cables. If that works that will take some weight off.

I have a THM M3 crank on order, that may lower the weight a little more.

I have tried some all carbon saddles, it would save weight but I don't think they are for me.
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by LiveFastRideHard

Now you have two bikes that make me jealous!! Have heard that besides the weight the other remarkable thing of the R5ca is the ride quality. Enjoy having to come up with enough reasons to ride both!!
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by micky


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by Roobay

wow wow best ive seen :thumbup:
you are very lucky indeed
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by RippedUp

Gorgeous!!! How did you fit in the Vumaquad into the BBright BB?

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by gumgardner

Nice looking bike :shock:
Why the powercords with the iLinks? Is it lighter? Shift better? Easier to get it to work?

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by eurperg

The levers are in strange position, how do you ride on the hoods with that setup?

Without the conical spacer and hoods leveled, the height would be the the same but comfort much better. Then, you could also post a pic to slamthatstem.com ;)

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by sedluk

The I-Links come with steel cables. I found that the shifting was not as good as Campy cables. The Power Cordz are lighter and smoother. I thought they might also shift better. I have not had enough time on them to say for sure, but the combo does seem to shift better than the standard I-Link cables.

Installing the VumaQuad is pretty easy. Just bearing covers on each side. A spacer (about 10-11mm) and a wavy washer on the drive side.

I will adjust the handlebars and levers, I knew they needed to be adjusted, did not think it would be obvious in a picture. You guys are sharp.

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by gumgardner

Did you use the 1.2mm or the 1.5mm powercordz?

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by CarlTroy

That bicycle is major

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by dopesick187

Two R5CA'S :o very nice :thumbup: very jealous :evil:
Great looking build. Did you build a second bike purely because you wanted the option of standard or compact rings without having to get your tools out?
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by prendrefeu


This frame definitely looks better in the smaller sizes.
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by sedluk

I used the 1.2mm derailleur set and the road brake set.

The I-Link derailleur liners are only available in clear, it would be nice if someone found some in black.

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by lcoolb

This question may be fuelled by envy, but why two R5ca's?

Fantastic bike, by the way...

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by konky

I think having 2 same frames is a great idea. You ideally need 2 same bikes as it's hard keeping one in continual working order. So when alternating frames it's best if they are the same. If you can afford it, and cycling is that important to you, then get one (or two) of the best.

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