Trek 5500 Rebuild

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by craigtheduck

I have recently purchased a 1997 Trek 5500, the frame had a number of chips to the clear coat and it looked rather dull. The fork has been replaced at some point, maybe in an act of weightweenieism to replace the original with steel steerer, but who knows.
Here is a picture of the frame as I got it. completer with headset, bottom bracket (as its stuck!), and seatpost. Please excuse my feet.


The plan is to strip all the clear coat sand smooth, remove the top tube cable stops, possible the downtube cable stops too (they are rather well glued on!) add new cable stops, decals and then re-clear coat the frame in a nice gloss finish. O and remove the damn bottom bracket.

My budget for this build is rather tight, so the built will be relatively conservative using several spare parts I have and lots of 2nd hand bits. One part I would like to change is the fork as the current one is 503g Ouch. However its a 1" so finding a lightweight replacement is looking to be tricky. So i think this is going to have to wait, that is unless anyone can tell me there is a 1.1/8" headset somewhere out there that will fit an older 5500 :thumbup: !!

Here is currently my proposed build list.

Frame: 97 Trek 5500
Fork: Sintema force one

Headset: Shimano 600
Stem: Planet x
Bars: ITM 7075
Brakes: Planet x ultralight (maybe cnc)
Shifters: Sram Force
Cables: I Links/mini

Seatpost: Generic Modified (see below)
Seatclamp: Suggestions?
Saddle: Specialized Jett :o
Crankset: FSA K-force compact

FD: Sram rival/apex
RD: Sram Rival
Chain: KCNC X10l
Wheelset: 20mm planet x built onto ebay hubs (sub 1100g) Budget permitting
Skewers: Planet x
Tyres: Schwalbe milano
Pedals: Either homemade ~70g aerolite-esk 7449Al pedals or shimano 105

Parts in red are those I already own. Hopefully if all goes to plan I should be able to built it up to sub 6.8kg. If the wheels dont go ahead then with a set of gp4 or similar around 7kg.

What are people opinions on choice of brake/the colour I should choose. The frame will be gloss carbon with white (i think, any other suggestions?) trek logos.
Its not the quality or stopping power of the brakes I question as I have them on my tt and road bike and think they are great, more the aesthetics on this frame.

The seatpost is just a generic carbon post that weights in at a massive 250g in its current 400mm state, but it was free! My plan with it is to cut off the top clamp mechanism, scallop the top, using leftover post (as i only need 300mm) make a u part. Then make some yolks and pin in the workshop and join it all together with Ti bolts. Thats the plan anyway...

The more eagle eyed of you will have noticed the ladies saddle. Well hands up I admit this is being built for my girlfriend :shock: I wish it was mine. I have even started looking for one for myself!

Anyways back to the frame. Frame weight complete with headset, cable bosses, bottom bracket, bottlecage bolts, FD hanger and BB cable guide was 1430g so hopefully with everything removed i am looking at 1.15kg for the frame. The FD clamp on its own weighed in with bolts at 21g. ouch. so i plan on making an aluminium replacement in the near future.


Here is the frame with the clear coat removed from the top tube and top of the headtube, not an ounce of filler to be seen and in the light (sorry for the poor photos) looks great. Still needs a lot of sanding.


I will hopefully have the whole frame sanded by the end of the week then its a case of choosing the decals, finding and gluing the cable stops then clear coating. Lots to be done but if it looks anything like dcj9's trek then I will be ecstatic.

by Weenie

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by strobbekoen

Cool project.
Maybe keep the logo in a outline color (not filled) and use that same color as accents on other parts such as brakes or bolts.
I'd stay away from those 20mm carbon rims if I were you.

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by BmanX

I have an Easton EC90 SL fork with 210mm of steerer and yes it is a 1" steerer.

See if that will work for you.

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by Juanmoretime

Excellent project. You sir have the spirit of Weight Weenies! Please keep the pictures coming every step of the build. :thumbup:

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Powerful Pete
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by Powerful Pete

Indeed. What Juan said. Looking forward to seeing this project progress...
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by GramStrong

Reminds me of my own Trek frame (with Sintima one fork :lol: ). Mine is a little bit oldder, but i'm sure your GF is going to enjoy it!

The pic is from 2005, but i still got that frame. I love that frame, dont think i'll ever get part of it. Need to re-built it soon

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by craigtheduck

Just a little teaser.


Ok none of these parts will be used on the final build but hey it looks more like a bike.

I think the Red accents work well. However I'm now thinking of going for a similar theme but adding some small blue accents to the sram force shifters then use blue skewers, brakes and bolts. What do people think? A blue, black and white build?

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by craigtheduck

and BmanX many thanks for the offer, it would fit perfectly, but for now I will build the bike as it is and budget permitting may be in touch!
Glad people like it!

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by hansonator69

Looking good so far, would love to see the finished product
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by craigtheduck

A little update on the frame:
The clear-coat has all been removed, there there is now a lot of sanding to do on the headset, bottom bracket, and seatpost area. I have done about half the of the seat tube lug and the UD Carbon Fibre looks awesome already.

I have also changed my mind on the bars and have purchased a set on ITM Unika bars to drop some weight, not the ones that can be seen in the previous photo, those are 46cm and cracked in 2!

Ok a competition for you all. How much do you think this lot weighs?


This is everything that has been removed from the frame other than the headset which weighed 85g (and one downtube shifter boss, as its stuck on really well :evil: )
Most of it will not be going back on the bike and where needed will be replaced with lighter bits :D

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by BmanX

136g for all of it.

Cervelo SLC 5960g/13.13 lbs

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by Frankie - B

It must be heavy as BTP made a CF replacement hanger for the front mech.

I'd say 111 grams for the lot.
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by munk93

Funny. I just made a projekt a little like this. But I used a Trek Madone sl from 2007(Before they came up with the ugly sloop thing) ;)
And a bit more funny is that they haven´t made a new front mech hanger since your bike, because I have the same one on my Madone. After I removed all of the stuff from the frame, and then the paint(Grey/black/Silver) the frame came in at 1130 grams. I had some inspiration from this Trek. The bike is finished now and came in at 6980, with some good old shimano wh7800 carbon wheels.
I will put some pics on the site, when I get some more time.
And good luck with the project CraigTheduck. I will follow with interest ;)

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by dcj9

:thumbup: good luck. looking forward to seeing this develop.

by Weenie

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by m39023

Awesome build!! I have the same bike and I hope to do the same for my bike.

Question, I like your idea in relocating the rear brake cable stop/guide...I'm wondering what do you have in mind to replace them with? Or are you planning on using the same once?

here's mine...nothing fancy just stock with some carbon stuff. I'm planning to change a few things later on just waiting for more funds. for sure the wheelset, forks, handle bar and upgrade the shifters....but I love riding her! :)

I look forward to seeing the progress of your bike....definetely inspiring!!!
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