Campy 10sp levers/11sp derailleurs compatibility

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by aktran


I'm not sure if anyone has looked into this before, but I wonder if 10sp levers would work with 11sp rear derailleur on 10sp cassettes.

My thinking is that unless the effective cable pull ratios on the rear derailleur vary between 10sp and 11sp, it should not matter which levers I am using. Am I way off the mark on this?

Why am I puzzling over this silly question? I like the look and weighs of the 11 sp, especially with the Super Record Ti option, just cannot fall in love with the 11sp levers and the complexity. Plus all of my other wheels are 10 sp. I'd just get the 11sp group and use it with an existing 10sp levers if that would do.

Appreciate any thoughts (and real test results).


by Weenie

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by bikerjulio

according to campy - the answer is no. see p48

There have been changes in pull ratio.
There's sometimes a buggy.
How many drivers does a buggy have?


So let's just say I'm drivin' this buggy...
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by baklus

i have chorus 10s levers, 11s chorus rear derailleur, 10s centaur casette and UN chain and it works :) :roll:

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by JasonS

That's because both the levers and cassette are both 10 speed.
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by aktran

JasonS wrote:That's because both the levers and cassette are both 10 speed.

That's my plan. I want to get the 11sp group, but use the 10sp levers and 10sp cassettes. I've always loved the campy feel and size, and think the 11sp is too Shimanoesque...


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by sharkman

Almost anything campagnolo says that it doesn't work will funktion perfectly fine as long as you know what to do.
11 speed fd and rd works perfect with a set of 10 v QS shifters (as long as you use a 10v cogset, 11 speed will work with a customized index ring).

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by Ricardo

10speed levers work fine with 11speed dearilleurs (with 10sp cassette of course!).
The front derailleur is not an issue.
The rear I spent some time ensuring;
1. cable route has minimum friction, gentle bends in housing.
2. coorect alignment of derailleur and hanger. frame is not new and ive had one fall!
3. limit stop adjustment. Park Tools website has a good guide for setting limit screws.
4. lastly good quality cables and set tension by the campag manual.

I would go so far to say the 2011 11sp rear derailleur works better than my 2007 10sp one!

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by teleguy57


who make a customized index ring for C-11 to work with a c-10 cassette?

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by tommasini

Not sure what Sharkman meant by a custom index for the 11s shifter.....can't think of anything I've seen offered by anyone.

On the otherhand, I'll add from my own perspective....the shifting with 10s levers and cog with 11s rear der goes very, very well. I have run this combo myself for the past 2 years and feel the shifting in the rear is slightly better than what I got with my near new 10 sp rear der.

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by tigoose

do you need to run an 11speed chain using 11 speed cassette though?

by Weenie

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by DaveS

An 11 speed RD has a slightly larger actuation ratio, which will casue a small amount of overshifting, if coupled to 10 speed shifters and cassette. The amount is small enough that few would notice the difference.

The opposite combination, a 10 speed RD with 11 speed shifters and cassette suffers from a small amount of undershifting. I found an easy way to correct that problem. ... p?t=160601

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