Beware of AX LIghtness Daedalus Seatposts breaking

Discuss light weight issues concerning road bikes & parts.
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by andy2


Don't forget this...

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by carbon2329


I would like to hear what issues you have heard of, or are familiar with, regarding thier bars. (really... I'm not being difficult. I really want to know).

I know about their customer service :?: :frightened: :doh: :doh: , but you referred to "thier track record".

by Weenie

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by mdeth1313

carbon2329 wrote:mdeth131,

I would like to hear what issues you have heard of, or are familiar with, regarding thier bars. (really... I'm not being difficult. I really want to know).

I know about their customer service :?: :frightened: :doh: :doh: , but you referred to "thier track record".

I have heard nothing about their bars- that said- I won't use their stuff until it's been out and proven (where I'd feel comfortable paying for one of their items).

I used "track record" twice. The first time was in reference to AX and their customer service, the second I was saying I'd go w/ schmolke bars before ax bars based on schmolke's track record. I had 2 sets of schmolke bars- had to sell them after I found I needed a much shorter reach. I was bummed. Incidentally AX has a bar w/ a reach that might be workable, but I wouldn't do it.
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by gumgardner

andy2 wrote:Image

Don't forget this...

Nice. I never saw that before. I thought they just had a zero offset post. What's the weight?

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by carbon2329

I see what you mean, now.

I know how you feel. I had the same length issue with Schmolke. I was really bumbed out. I really wanted a TLO bar.

I have the new AX 4100 that has a much shorter reach. I haven't used it yet.

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by Gold Knight

no issues on the bar/stem/post/saddle/wheels/calipers/cage--but agasin i haven't used the bike since sept 2010 due to injury
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by GramStrong

carbon2329 wrote:Has anyone who has tried to have an AX component replaced under warranty been successful? (really, this is a serious question, that would be interesting to find out)

After i broke my endurance saddle i had no luck with there customer service, but that was ~5years ago.

It broke on the rails (that was the older model, with TI warped carbon rails). It didnt happen in a crash as far as i'm aware off,
only noticed while cleaning my bike...

i was probably 59-60kg then

capt the saddle as a reminder- next time i'll put my penny in other places

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by djconnel

The seat clamps on the post are still good: maybe you can transfer them to your Thomson.

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by Estuche

Not to troll an old thread, but if you are willing to sell those AX lightness yokes from your broken seatpost I am interested in buying them :thumbup:

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by Rick

If they sell "thousands and thousands" of these posts, then isn't that just one more reason why they should be able to afford to replace one (or a few) broken ones ?

Easton gave a full refund to me and everyone else who had their EC90 cranksets fail. There was no hesitation at all. that is how a reputable company handles things.

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by Roundabout

Was coming in with the expected response of "maybe next time get a Thomson?" and was pleasantly relieved with what I read. Imo seatpost isn't the most ideal place to try and save massive weight, given all the stories/experiences I've seen with the weenie posts failing.

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by JohnHesjedal

Rick wrote:?..they sell "thousands and thousands" of these posts....

The guy who made that comment is so full of it. He might own a few Ax parts but he does not race, his bike is more for showing off.

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by konky

In my view Ax Lightness will replace returned goods if they genuinely think it's warranted. I returned a Zeus stem because a small crack appeared at the bar clamping section. I didn't ask for a replacement as it was past its guarantee period, I just wanted to know if it was safe to use. They sent me a new one free of charge. I got my new stem within 2 weeks of sending my damaged one. They also replied to my emails within 12 hours. All my dealings with Ax have been exemplary.

I like Schmolke as well but in my view Ax are the stand out producer of cycle ultra light componants. They deserve a lot of credit.
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by sedluk

I have lots of miles on their stems, seatposts, brakes, bottle cages, brakes. Ax Lightness has treated me fairly.

I understand that they might not be for everyone; if you are price sensitive then you can find other similar products for less. The similar competing products will probably weigh more and may have other differences. The Ax Lightness products continue to get better over time, the new handlebars have a rougher surface where they clamp, the seatposts are more durable, they now offer UD carbon for the stem and the finish work continues to get better on all of their products.

by Weenie

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by SpinnerTim

...over a year and several thousand miles on a Tune Kom-Vor/MCFK Setback/Schmolke TLO setup with no problems. I weigh 58-60 kg. The only alloy in my cockpit setup is an Extralite UL3. I used assembly paste and secured everything with conservative low-end applications of the advised torque range; there have been no issues with slippage or creaks.

Most of the parts exceeded claimed weight by a few grams. When I get back to my other computer I'll check the record file I kept from the build and post the weights. All are overweight, but the margins aren't offensively large.


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