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by m39023

Hello Fellows! I just found this website and have been glued to it the last couple of days. I plan to read up and use all the available resources here so let me just say "thank you" now.

A year ago I purchased a TREK 5500 in silver/titanium look paint with a very cool set up. I rode it for 6 months or atleast right before this past winter started. I love it!!! It was an awesome way to break into the carbon world and have been very happy with the performance of the bike....mine on the other hand...not so much but I'm working on that!

As I said...I've been very happy with the current set up of the bike until a couple of days ago...this website happened!!! LOL! From my last visit to a LBS, I had them weight the bike. Shockingly though it feels light, the bike came in at 18.xx Ibs as a 6 speed set up!!....which I want to change soon..I mean real soon.

About the same time of my purchase browsing through the web, I came across a full set of DURA ACE 7410 as in either 8 or 9 speed( i'm sure someone here will correct me). Now I know that this is an outdated model and should probably go with a 10 o 11 speed set up but I have it now and i feel that it would be a waste not to use it. Besides this might be a good motivation in spluging for some real component stuff.

I have a lot questions now and I'm sure I will continue to have more. But for now here's what I had in mind.

What am actually looking for here are suggestions or advice.

Since I plan to use the 7410 set up, should expect for the bike to be heavier or lighter from my current set up?

Would it be more logical to lace up my current Mavic wheel to an updated hub for the 7410 set up or buy a new wheel?

Will I be sacrificing the less weight that I feel now with the bike after this upgrade? Funny how it seems pretty cool to see "PHil Reed" on the hub :)

it's too bad I dont have the luxury of weighting each parts to make good decisions on which to replace so I would just have to base it on the number I got from my LBS and the information listed on here. That's all for now and thank you again for reading.
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Here's what I have now on the bike:
Chris King Grip nut headset
Giant 2,4 C Racing component steering stem
Easton Carbon Fiber Handlebar
Blade Aero Carbon Fiber seat post
Carbon Fiber racing seat
Dura Ace front and rear derailleuir
Shimano 600 cassettes
Exage SLR front and rear brakes
Exage SLR brake levers
Marvic CXP 30 wheels
Bontrager Racelite hardcase tires
Phil Reed custom hubs
blade spokes
Ergomo Full carbon Fiber crankset
TIME RXS pedals
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by elviento

I had the same bike back in 98 so this is bringing back some fond memories. The 7410 will probably not save you much weight at all (STI, etc.) but will be nicer nevertheless. Just get some lighter wheels. And you will be in 17.XX territory.
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by Weenie

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