Cervelo R5ca 51cm 11.1 lbs

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This is a really, really, really nice bike.

As far as the criticism; I'd fully ignore it if I were you. Your drop looks good, a strait seatpost wouldn't fit your current saddle position, and to me the weight is really good.

by Weenie

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by djconnel

It sort of splits the difference:

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by sedluk

djconnel, Your photo looks great.

For most seatposts models there is a nice weight saving for no setback seatposts. For Ax Lightness the published weight for the no setback model is 75 grams and the setback model that I have is 80 grams. They actually both come in a little heavier. The setback model has more carbon, the no setback has more metal hardware.

I think the 72 degree angle is a good idea, and for many user it will result in a weight savings. And in my case I am close, I will have to spend more time on fitting before I know for sure.

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by jmilliron

Wow! What a setup. Thanks for sharing with us.
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by USofChay

Beautiful bike. I am surprise it isn't even lighter. :twisted:

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djconnel wrote:It sort of splits the difference

I knew he would be close, but thought that the clamp would sit too far forward.


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by mango

Get some stretches going and drop that stem! :mrgreen:

Otherwise its gorgeous.

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by konky

Superb bike. Possibly the best I have seen.

The fact that it could still be a work horse and yet so beautiful and so light is the achievement. The gatorskins are part of that message though a tough pair of Veloflex would give nearly the same message but deliver the ride the bike should have.

Very well done. Fantasic bike

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by williamsf1

mate I love your work!!!

and your attitude to "it either works well or its gone" is awesome....

I hope to get to this kind of level!!!

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by timintense

super impressive build, great looks and weight at same time :thumbup:
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by TS-Biker

sedluk wrote:I have not dialed in the saddle position yet. I am surprised that I have not been flamed yet for taking a picture with the gearing 39/12. I do not regularly ride cross chained. I had some good light this morning for a picture and ran out this morning for a quick photo shoot.

The R5ca is especially made in 72° seatpost geometrie so that it can be used with a straight seatpost, so I don't understand that you used a setback insteed of an europa (straight) seatpost ?
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by djconnel

sedluk wrote:djconnel, Your photo looks great.

Thanks -- I tried to place the post at the correct angle, but there is some uncertainty there, and I think if I erred it is probable I put the clamp slightly forward of actual.

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by bigcalves

sedluk great looking bike and I love your pratical approach and "it works for me" point of view. Where do you live? I ask as you mentioned chip seal and we just got a bunch of new chip seal here last summer in CO. So I really understand what you are saying about the tires. Some of the comments on here just make my head spin (as if how the stem looks is more improtant than how the bikes fits/rides). I love to see guys who set up bikes to really be ridden.

One of our local shops here in Boulder (Excel) has ones of the R5ca and I noticed it when I was in there the other day. It is a striking looking bike, but they had it hanging up about 8 feet on the wall, so I could not get a good look. It is really nice to see one built up and built up so well!

Enjoy your bike and thank you for posting.

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by maxxevv

em3 wrote:Sedluk, first let me say that you hands down get the prize for best photog skills…the bokeh effect is great.

Well, he used a camera and lens setup that was somewhat comparable in cost to that of the bike you see there ... !

When you combine one of the top-most tier telephotos out there with a full-frame DSLR, its more likely than not to result in such a bokeh! :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup:

Nicely setup bike, that's not only light, but very rideable too. I would think something like the Veloflex Extreme tubs would make for a far superior ride compared to the Conti. Lighter to boot too! :mrgreen:

by Weenie

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by Calnago

Totally agree with everything Bigcalves just said. Although I'm not a huge Cervelo fan (road bikes at least), this one really is a head turner. Nicely set up, for you, and that's the important thing. And at 11.1 lbs, it's scary light. I certainly do appreciate it and thanks for showing... could stare at it all day. But, at my weight of 195lbs I would be just too frightened to ride the thing... the only "snap, crackle, pop" I ever want to hear comes from my bowl of Rice Crispies.
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