Cervelo R5ca 51cm 11.1 lbs

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by sedluk

Here is my latest build.

Cervelo 51cm R5ca
Lightweight Obermayer Wheelset
Campy 2011 Levers, FR, RD, Chain
Zipp VumaQuad crank and rings
Speedplay X pedals with Ward Ti spindles
Ax Lightness AX3000 brakes
Ax Lightness AX2200 Seatpost L1
Ax Lightness Zeus Stem
Ax Lightness AX4100 Compact handlebar
I-Link cables
Recon AL 11-27 cassette
Tune cages
Fizik Antares 00
Tune Verhuterli Top Cap
Arundel Cork handlebar wrap
Tune U20 Skewers
Sprinter Gatorskin Tubulars

Frame weight 739 grams with seatpost collar, hanger, BB bearings
Fork 290 grams uncut
Headset 39 grams

11.1 Lbs

Detailed Image

Web image:

by Weenie

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by Roobay

Woah holy smoly :shock:
Thats absolutely fabulous :thumbup:
I didnt think anyone on here would order one :noidea:
Thanks for sharing
i think id break it though :wink:
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by CarlTroy

It's very nice, though the spacers ruin it a bit ( at least for me ).

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by Peter_E

CarlTroy wrote:It's very nice, though the spacers ruin it a bit ( at least for me ).

I don´t think the spacers (I assume that the one over the stem will go in a while) is a problem. Great bike, and seems rideable too.

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by grid256

Wow. Alright, this is something. Would love to hear a ride report esp with comparisons to past frames. And the spacers are no issue. Put a headset top cap with a little stack on there and it will mediate the spacer tower effect which btw isn't that bad to begin with.

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by Leviathan

Cant really think of a way of getting a production bike using widely availible, safe parts, lighter than that...
Nice bike...
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Johnny Rad
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by Johnny Rad

Awesome new bike. Tell us how it compares to your old R3SL, R5 and Parlee Z5.

Is that a matte paint or something "thinner?"

Interesting that your fit required a setback post. Didn't the Cervelo teaM
design with the intention of most riders not needing one? I'm not second guessing your fit, but rather Cervelo's design intentions.
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by kgt

It also seems to me that using a non setback seatpost and a longer stem would be better.

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by eigner

Well if the owner has very long femurs then he would require setback post and a short stem.

The bike looks insanely hot and incredibly expencive
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by bikericer


I think I broke my jaw when it hit the floor!

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by sedluk

I used the Tune Verhuterli Top Cap, it is a top cap that includes a spacer of sorts. I could go with something like the Schmolke top cap and reduce the fork tube length and have less fork tube above the stem. It might make for better pictures but I think I will stick with the Tune cap.

I have 25mm of spacers below the stem. I would not consider myself to be very flexible. I could always spend more time in hot yoga classes and less time on the road riding and then be more comfortable in a lower riding position. I understand that for pictures a more raced out bike with no spacers is a better picture. I am a follower of Andy Pruitt's school of thought. If you like to regularly ride over 100 miles in a day, then build a bike that is comfortable.

I did not build this as a show bike, it will be ridden long and hard. It will see lots of sweat, some rain and occasionally even newly chip sealed roads ect... I could easily get the weight down with some lighter tubulars, the sprinter gatorskins are some of the heaviest tires out there. But the number one objective is a bike that will hold up to hard riding and rough roads. The one maintenance item will be to change the Norglide bearing, it is more like a Teflon strip inside the upper part of the headset. There are different estimates of the lifetime, I have read 450 hours or a few thousand miles. They cost $20 and are easy to change.

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by sedluk

I have not dialed in the saddle position yet. I am surprised that I have not been flamed yet for taking a picture with the gearing 39/12. I do not regularly ride cross chained. I had some good light this morning for a picture and ran out this morning for a quick photo shoot.

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by Mr.Gib

Excellent bike in all regards. Considering the total expense you really should upgrade to a top quality tire, as you are missing out in terms of ride quality. There are many options that will give superior ride qualities and still offer reasonable durability.
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by CBJ

Holey smokes you went all out on that build. Not a big fan of all black bikes but this one is hot.

by Weenie

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by prendrefeu

So did you get a chance to test ride before purchasing one?
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