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by Francois_Viviers

Wondering if anyone can help

I am trying to use a OVAL R900 with a LOOK kg486, the probelm is that the LOOK HSC4 form has a built up carbon platform on the crown where the crown race sits on. So this works great. LOOK supplies 2 inserts that go into the headset, followed by the bearings. These are there to save the headtube from any damage.

The OVAL R900 has a totaly flat crown, and the crown race sits on this, so this means it is about 1mm lower that on the LOOK fork. So when I try and tighten the fork into the frame the crown meets the bottom of the headtube before the crown race properly seats into the bottom bearing.

Any one know about a way around this.

The integrated heedset standard is really crap and the fact that frame manufaturers and fork amnufacturers and the rest of the industry can not come together and agree to some standard is really leaving us the consumers in the lurch

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by yoko

I'm not sure if this will work on your set-up, but I can only think of putting a spacer before putting the crown race. I use this solution on a mountain bike and it works.

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by Franzam

If You know a good mechanic, maybe he can make you a suitable 1.5mm thick aluminium spacer / shim. For my second fork I made a shim for the crownrace by myself. It works very well.

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