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by bodid

I sometimes ride late afternoons and get back after dark, especially in Winter. I'd feel nmore comfortable with proper lighting. Can anyone tell me what they're using for lighting and if they're happy with it? This stuff is too expensive to make a mistake on.

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by garyh

I prefer to use a decent torch with a Cree LED and a TwoFish Lockblock to mount it. I find this gives a much better performance/price ratio than bicycle specific lights. I also run them off AA rechargeables.

by Weenie

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by robertg

I use a Light and Motion Stella 300 for the front and a Blackburn Mars 4.0 rear light. I am very happy with this set up as it allows me to see and be seen even in the darkest of situations on the road. I wouldn't use the Stella 300 for any night mountain biking, but it is adequate for the road lighting up a good distance ahead of me, and it has a good battery life. The Mars 4.0 is very bright and has side blinkers as well.

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by Nightrider

Personally i'm using Ay Up's.

Plenty bright, crazy light weight, fantastic looking design, water proof and a great company to deal with.

They are extremely popular here in Australia and I havent heard anyone having a durability issue with them at all.

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by bodid

Who's a good source for lighting?

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by shadwell

Also running Ay-Ups. Use them for 6/12 and 24 hr Solo MTB, and road training...
Also use them for Toad spotting and squashing but thats a side benefit..

The Enduro twin set is best running one pair on bar and one on lid...

Cannot fault this stuff.. its very effective and at a great price..

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by milroy

I can recommend Lupine. Expensive, but amazing design, performance, quality and customer service.

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by eric

Hard to beat for $80: ... -set-44459

I have a couple of these (with the older battery pack) and they work well. The new pack finally has a decent mount, and a voltage indicator as well.

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by wilson78

Got an Exposure Toro to use this winter, have been using it in the rather dark country lanes local to me and its cracking. Not the cheapest way to a decent output but its a really well made package with good battery life and being all in one you dont have to worry about strapping on batteries. Tried it on the mtb and have to say it wasn't enough for tight single track but for the road its perfect.
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by mattyb

Another vote for Ay-Ups
Honestly, you can go through different light and try to get cheaper ones or you can buy once and buy right. These things will last you for a looooong long time.
Last night, pouring rain (so much it was stinging the legs), dark and bad visibilty, I look behind to check on my riding partner and could not tell if it a motorcycle or the ayups. It was the ayups.

I use these for camping as well - I take no other light. Battery lasts about 6 - 8 hours. If you ride on the road get the v twin sport pack with intermediate beam.

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by Doolop

eric wrote:Hard to beat for $80: ... -set-44459

I have a couple of these (with the older battery pack) and they work well. The new pack finally has a decent mount, and a voltage indicator as well.

I hear good things about these, and was about to order one myself.

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by bobbyOCR

Another Ay-Up user. I bought the first gen and they're indestructible. The mounts are clever, the whole system is fantastically light, and they always work.
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jekyll man
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by jekyll man

I run Lupines, but don't think they are worth the extra cash.. (good LBS is why i have them)

Personally I'd go for the ay-ups if i was buying a new set- not perfect but for the money, they're bob on.

For a budget light- magicshine seem to get good reviews for the money

Hope lights are ok, but are a PITA as you have to cycle through all modes....
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by euan

Yeah Ayups are fantastic from what I've seen

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by tandemracer

I have been very happy with all the lights I have purchased from Light and Motion over the years. If you are just looking for visibility then the VIS 360 is an elegant solution.

For really seeing where you are going then the SECA 700 or 1400 are hard to beat, combined with a VIS 180 taillight.

Just don't use the taillights while other riders are behind you - they will be blinded.

by Weenie

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