Hood Reach: Shimano, Sram and Campy?

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by westside

Hello guys,

Does anybody know the reach comparison between the three brands? I guess it's hard to define reach in the hood, since they all have different curvatures. Just by eyeballing them, it looks like Shimano has the most reach and Sram the shortest. Is this an accurate assessment?


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Frankie - B
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by Frankie - B

We had this comparison a few years ago as well. (when Sram entered the market.) IIRC we then reached the same conclusion. Sram is shortest. Campa is medium and Shimano is long reach.
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by andy2

Campy 11 has about 15mm more reach than Campy 10.

Phill P
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by Phill P

Haven't shimano gotten shorter in thier latest briftors?
Shimano shorter
Campy 11 longer
SRAM the same as always

So who ranks where now?


(NOTE in terms of reach only!!!)

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by RussellS

I would put it like this


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by maggierose

I thought this was a good question so I just did some quick & dirty measurements:

Campy Athena 11: 65mm reach
Shimano 7950 Di2: 65mm reach
Shimano 5700: 65mm reach
SRAM Force: 60mm reach
Shimano 5600 105: 60mm reach

I measured from the beginning of the hood (closest to the bar) to where the lever approximately starts to go vertical. YMMV.

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by westside

Guys thanks for the answers. I guess the consensus is that Sram has less reach than Shimano.

Kudos to maggierose for actually measuring the reach. The difference seems much smaller than I had imagined though. Did you measure the reach of the silicon hood or the actual shifter body? I imagine the latter would be more accurate. I'd do this measurement myself but I've only got Shimanos...

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by brianvonlehe

I crashed a sram lever on my cross bike and threw a right-hand ergo 10s on in it's place, not only does it work well enough with sram der and cassette, but the feel is surprisingly similar. Normally this stuff would drive me nuts but it's been months and I don't care to change it, or even put the left hand ergo lever on to match.
Don't know about campy 11 or 6700/7900.

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by bodid

I've had all three and eventually gravitated from Shimano to SRAM RED to Campy Record. I've got small hands and the feel on the Campy hoods is really ideal for me plus they're angled for a more ergonomic feel. I never had a huge issue with hood reach.

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by angoose

Hi, just wondering if the hoods on the new Sram Red have changed length? I know the new shape is slightly different, but is the reach any longer/shorter? Thanks.

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