Best Weight Scale's to buy ?

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by vai777

Hi all,

I am looking to buy both a table top scale to weight individual parts and also a bike hanging scale like the Alpine Digital Bike Scale. May I ask for recommendations
of which are the most accurate and the ones most recommended by everyone.

How accurate do they have to be ? - I'd like to buy something like the mechanics use in the pro tour.


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by CharlesM

I bought park...

by Weenie

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by bricky21

Berkley digital fish scale.
As far as accuracy goes, they say it was developed by a world renowned scale developing specialist using various proprietary weight measuring technologies that were developed in the aerospace industry. So that makes it pretty much on par with everything else.

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by Gearjunkie

After looking at the Park hanging scale in the flesh (decided against it because it looked poorly put together and flimsy) I bought a 50c (yes half a dollar) hanging scale on the 'Bay. Freight was USD5 from Malaysia to NZ (same worldwide I as I recall).

Wasn't expecting much, but hey, how far wrong can you go for $5.50?

Anyways it arrived reasonably promptly and has been faultless. Easy to use, seems accurate (matches with known weights, provides repeatable results).



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by gumgardner

Check eBay. I bought a hanging scale for a dollar or two. It works very well. It's from Taiwan. You'll see them if you goto eBay. It's orange and looks like it has a smiley face
On it.

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by Camilo

For larger stuff, I've also always used a fish scale I happen to own. Comparing to actual weight listings here and elsewhere, it's dead on (accounting for slight variations of course).

For anything that can fit on it, I have always used the digital postage scale at work. I can set it to metric or US weights and in comparing to listings here and elsewhere for identical items, it's accurate.

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by Butcher

I too bought a cheap eBay scale. It truely is amazing what you can get for a couple of dollars. I has worked for what I want it to and has yet to break. Of course, it did not come with batteries but I got those for free from work. So it still was only a couple of bucks.

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by grid256

I swear my hanging Park scale has mood swings and often varies wildy. My normal (flat) Park scale seems fine however and very accurate based on the weights of others.

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by prendrefeu

You know, being a weight-oriented forum you'd think there have been plenty of threads on this before.

Oh, look, here's one - 10 seconds using the SEARCH function. :twisted:

Exp001 || Other projects in the works.

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by Getter

I weighed my bike on two Park hanging scales and they came out the same, used an Ebay one from a friend...and it was .25lbs off.

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by maxxevv

Getter wrote:I weighed my bike on two Park hanging scales and they came out the same, used an Ebay one from a friend...and it was .25lbs off.

Question is ... which is the correct one ? You should use a calibration weight to verify.
Sometimes, the 2 Park scales can be wrong rather than other which was obtuse. I use the Ebay ones, and have verified it with a 1 kg standard weight borrowed from a friend. It was dead on ! :noidea:

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by Getter

The Park scales are from two different shops in two different areas.

I have an Ebay scale on the way. I'll check that one with my friends and see if the weights are the same.

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by bobsled

I recently bought a digial kitchen scale (5000 gms) for like 9USD shipped off ebay. Hope it shows up soon (said 3 to 4 weeks).

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by anodoze

$20 fish scale from bass pro very close to $75 digi lab scale i use for small parts.

by Weenie

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