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by gabbott

Why would a topic be locked by a moderator if it falls within all guidelines and holds enough interest to garner 10 responses in less than 24 hours? It is clearly of interest to a few members. Simply because it doesn't interest a moderator or that moderator thinks he knows all he needs to know about a topic shouldn't be reason to lock it. There may be new products that exist that shed light on a once thought or considered closed topic. Weight Weenies are supposed to push the envelope, no?
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by Juanmoretime

I would like to give an appropriate response so which thread?

FWIW Threads get locked that:

a) Have no bearing on what this site is all about.
b) Has been covered many times before and a simple search would turn up the subject.
c) Is common knowledge that could be found in the listing.
d) A thread gets so far off topic that or turns into a fight among two or several members and there is no way to salvage it.


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by gabbott

Thanks Juan. I am sure it would fall under "b" as it has been covered before "umpteen times" I am warned. I am new however and for WW to thrive, you don't want to alienate newbies like me by saying in a somewhat condescending way, "yeah, yeah, we've covered that already". I am not sure I agree with the policy. If 10 people jump in and respond in 20 hours time, it might indeed be something to discuss again. I made the faux paux of asking about bar tape......

Anyway, I really enjoy the site and have learned many things and even devised a few of my own tricks inspired by members here.
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Powerful Pete
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by Powerful Pete

gabbott, as Juanmoretime pointed out, we close topics for a variety of reasons. Rehashing old subjects/threads is a particularly big one as it risks "diluting" discussions on a similar topic across a number of threads that may end up being concurrent.

As I am sure you can see, this complicates matters for all and makes keeping up with the threads problematic, to say the least.

So please do search before opening a new thread, and this will address 90% of our concerns.

And thanks for joining WW!
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by Calnago

This is an interesting point. I am relatively new here as well (last 3 months or so), and plead ignorance on the subject of locking threads. I can however, see an argument for both sides. Let's take the example pointed out, doesn't get much simpler than bartape. Now, let's say the topic of bar tape has been discussed ad infinitum two years ago and was eventually locked. Ok. But fastforward to the point that a bunch of new bar tape is on the market that didn't exist 2 years ago. Plus combine that with a person new to cycling and this site. The new person is here trying to get information on the latest and greatest bar tape that is out there. He posts a question and 10 people respond. Seems there is an interest there. Now, if he had not posted and researched the thread on bar tape that had been locked two years ago, he'd be getting quite dated information it seems. I don't have the answers but can see both sides.

And I can totally appreciate sometimes having to make judgement calls on what's worthy and what's not. Anyway, just something to always keep in the back of your mind I suppose as a moderator.

Overall however, you guys are doing a great job in my opinion.
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by StefanR

internet is funny, always, most forums, NOT all, but most forum moderators/admins think they have to tell people how to behave, how to think, how to write, what to write and what not... imagine you are discussing something on a table with your friends, another friend joins: ""hey this has been discuss already, don't go on"", what would we say?

NObody would do this out in real life.

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by lewdvig

Bummer, I thought this thread was about using Loctite of squeaky bolts.
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by The_Don

lewdvig wrote:Bummer, I thought this thread was about using Loctite of squeaky bolts.

Me too...(−_−;)

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