Specialized Tarmac Internal Di2 Project

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by paulnevans

I'm still working on the painting of my project. I have the base color on the frame, fork, and all the pieces. I have the woodgraining airbrushed on all the pieces, the fork and all of the frame except the chainstays. I hope to finish up the airbrushing all the woodgrain tonight. Then I'll tape off the lettering to shadow it in like it's carved into the wood. Then of course I'll have to put on the Clearcoat. I'm going to use a flat clear on it. I'll try to post some new pictures tomorrow. My Di2 stuff came in Tuesday, except the front derailleur, which is on back-order. Hope it shows up soon.

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by paulnevans

I've been hard at it, airbrushing for about a week on this thing, but I've finally almost finished painting. I put the final flat Clearcoat on this morning. All that's left to be painted are the Bottle Cages. As you can see I did a woodgrain paint job with Dovetails at the joints and I'll call it Carved Lettering. Still waiting on my front derailleur, they're on backorder everywhere.


Here is a link to the picture gallery with all the pictures so far.:
http://picasaweb.google.com/JacksonSpok ... directlink

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by robertg

Wow, that paint job looks sick! Keep the pics coming.

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by crohnsy

Looks great!

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by itsacarr

Paul that's some really impressive work there. Love the saddle in your photo gallery too.

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by tonytourist

That paint job looks crazy! 8)

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by kx_1

Excellent Job, i am waiting for the final version!!!!!
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by Sasha011

kx_1 wrote:Excellent Job, i am waiting for the final version!!!!!

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by zachary

Creative paint job. The wood grain is cool, but I'm not sure about the tribal additions. Nonetheless...stoked to see the outcome!

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by luke

Love the join by the head tube, makes the wood look like th real deal :D

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by masters324

How long did it take you to sand down the frame completely? was it 220 sand paper all done by hand? Thanks for the info!!

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by bobsled

Very nice. Can't wait to see the finished product.

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by jz4nyc

darned fine paintjob! wow!

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by robertg

Are there any updates on this project, as I am very eager to see how this bike turns out.

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by GuNKiLLaH

In the CARBON FIBER ERA, some lunatic (like possibly everyone here) comes with a WOOD "KICKASS" CUSTOM PAINT JOB and broke the whole chain apart.

THAT's an AWSOME JOB Paul, can't wait to see It finished! I'm sharing your project on the Brazilian Weight Weenies forum! HERE: http://www.weightweenies.com.br/forum/viewtopic.php?f=22&t=1821

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