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by drew

Joel wrote:The old Heliums weighed 1500g/set claimed (850/650g) for tubulars. I think he used the Helium because it's lighter of the Ksyrium, but the rear wheel is absolutely not stiff, so there it's better to use the Ksyrium.

Thats what I thought, vaigly remember 1500 ish grams. Must be what 6-8 years old now

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by JTC

Maby he got a flat on that stage and that was his backup?

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by Superlite

:!: Stupid! Why didn't I think of that! JTC, I think you cracked the case.

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Ye Olde Balde One
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by Ye Olde Balde One

JTC wrote:Maby he got a flat on that stage and that was his backup?

I think it was deliberate. He did it on more than one stage.
Ride lightly!

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by Joel

The Helium front wheel is just lighter, especially the rim, so lower rotational mass and stiff enough for the front wheel

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