Specialized Alias: Equivalent saddles (or as near as)

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by Illuminate

Mike, my new Max Flite Team came in today. At first blush, it seems moderately solidly constructed.

Weight: claimed: 290g. Actual:300g +/- 1g. Alias 155 came in at 280g
Width: claimed 150mm. Actual: 145.5mm. Alias 155: 155mm exactly (digital calipers)

Shaping: flattish compared to something like a rolls but not near as flat as the Alias. Alias sides just drop off whereas the Selle is more curved (so the widest point of the Selle is down the sides of the saddle - not where the sit bones would be sitting).

I'll let you know more info once I've take it for a spin. Let me know if you want some side-by-side photos of the two of them.


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by semaj

I wish Specialized would make a lighter Alias saddle with carbon rails. This is definitely the only saddle I use!

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by Illuminate

All right, been for my first 60km ride. The verdict is that I find the MaxFlite uncomfortable. Same problem as with other rounded shoulder designs - it tends to wedge up in your groin rather than most of the weight travelling down through your sit bones (squarer designs). I almost cried - I so wanted it to work and it's been a long and ongoing saga but I guess I'm just going to have to ditch the flite and buy another Alias. Wife isn't going to be happy.

All the best,

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by MikeM

Cheers for the feedback Illuminate. I have been following this thread, but have yet to put the trigger as a) I still have one final Alias left to break (!) and b) I've contracted tonsillitis/glandular fever/something rubbish, so haven't been on my bike for the past month. Which is, obviously, pretty rubbish!

All the help is really appreciated though guys! By the sound of it, it would seem that Specialized have hit a home run by making a really unique saddle shape.
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by beatnik

Well, comfort-lack of numbness and ischia bones pressure are in the same package. Think about it and don´t forget you will need a month or so for every saddle change. According to your weight you will need to down the saddle nose a little bit because when you put the load saddle back flex a little bit more. Be patient, 60 km is not enough. But if your saddle works don´t buy another brand or model.

Perhaps with this "ischia saddles" you need a better chamois. Gore -Assos Campagnolo and Exte Ondo have Ellastic interface chamois, you must try it.
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by geraldatwork

Found this old link as I have broken 2 Alias saddles in the cut out area where it sags under weight. Each after about 750 miles. I am about 210 lbs and sure this is part of the problem. Interestingly it is only happening on my Trek Madone with the seat post mast. The clamp is 1 1/4" long. I have used this saddle in the past on Thompson seat posts (have one now on a Bianchi with about 2000-3000 miles) without any problems. The Thompson clamp is just over 1 1/2". I had another one on an aluminum bike, also with a Thompson post with at least 4000 miles.

This is the only saddle that works for me. I have tried about 8 or 9 others.

It seems the length of the clamp is part of the problem. I was thinking if it was possible to find some kind of thin shim that would extend the clamp on each end slightly. Maybe a soda can in a U shape? or something else. Or possibly reinforcing the underside of the saddle by gluing a 1/4" or so wood dowel on each side of the cutout. A thickness that would add extra support but flex somewhat.

Any other ideas welcome.
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