Pioneer power meter

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Max Gravity
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by Max Gravity

I just read: ... oneer.html" onclick=";return false;
About a new powermeter from Pioneer. Totally new for me.
Anyone heard anything about it? Is it really the "big" Pioneer company behind it?
If that is the case you must wonder what technical innovation they have stumbled upon to make a
bicycle component.
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by Weenie

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by Tapeworm

Interesting, so it seems to be a device that mounts on the chainrings and non-driveside crank arm?

Torsion/tension between the ring bolts?
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by Geoff

New to me, too. Good post.

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by Dalai

Geoff wrote:New to me, too. Good post.

Agreed. Nice find! :thumbup:

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by Chiva

We've been talking about this for a while on the google wattage group forum. Here's a link to some pics:
" "j5
" "ys
" "5021888
" "5026030

This looks sweet. I could switch between my mtn & road bikes and use the pedals & wheels I want. Accuracy is 1.3%.


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by MaaseyRacer

This and the power meter that plugs into your speed plays are the first ones I have seen that actually look practical. I cannot wait to see if this actually reaches production. I hope this does not end up in the long list of vaporware cycling products.
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Max Gravity
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by Max Gravity

Risk is that it is released in Japan first for a couple of years and then maybe the rest of the world.
I happens all the time with electronic gadgets from Nippon.
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by ave

>Is it really the "big" Pioneer company behind it?

Must be, as the font of the logo is the same as on my CD player.

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by bikedoc

I can think of a lot of set ups that wont fit on, between the transmitter on the left hand arm hitting the chainstays and for that matter the right side as well, and theres a few cranks/chainrings combinations that wont leave enough room for it either.

I like the little graphs shown on the head unit though

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by mrfish

Sure, but if they can plug straight into non weird frames running big S chainsets, then likely they will fit 90%+ of bikes. I personally dislike throwing away or selling perfectly good parts to fit the latest electronic version.

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by andyschleck

What is the price?

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by mythical

I've been looking at this with great interest as well as Brim Brothers a.o. I'd like to see where this goes (preferably on my bike at some point) :)

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by dmp

and according to the write-up on Max's link, the transmitter is only 30g!

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by kudeta Youtube vid in japanese. With my limited Japanese I can pick up Android based software. The Screen looks hi res just not sure how it would go in sunglare. Nifty looking little unit anyways.
Any Japanese translators? Please?

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by ms6073

Very nice but I have to wonder about clearance of the bolt on attachments on some BB30/BB86/BB90 framesets. Based on my TCR Advanced Sl and the already close proximity of the drive-side crank arm of the FSA SRM currently installed, I think the Pioneer sensor would be rub the chainstay.
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by Weenie

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