Look 595 - Di2 Winter/Rainy Day Bike

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by reggiebaseball

After seeing a magnificent 595 posted by LiveFastRideHard, I decided to try and get some pictures of my new ride. This is an everyday bike, something to get me through the Pacific NW winter drizzle.

Though I carefully perused WW during the parts consideration phase, I ended up primarily going with DA (or Di2 as the case may be), though I am really open to any tuning suggestions.
Perhaps an Extralite Ultrastar Expander instead of the Look one?

I took these photos in a test run, I will do something more comprehensive once I cut the steerer tube later this week.

2008 Look 595 XXL
Look HSC 6 Fork Tapered
FSA Integrated Headset 1.125"-1.25"
Look Carbon Steerer Expander and Top Cap
Shimano Pro PLT OS Carbon Stem -10deg 120mm
Shimano Pro Vibe Round DC 44cm
Lizard Skins DSP 2.5 Bar Tape
Fizik Arione CX Kium (2010 Liquigas Team)
Shimano DA 7850SL wheelset
Hutchinson Fusion 3 tires
Shimano Dura Ace 7900 Crankset 175mm 53/39
Shimano Dura Ace 7900 Bottom Bracket
Shimano Ultegra 11-28 Cassette
Shimano Dura Ace 7900 Chain
Shimano Dura Ace 7970 Shifter/Levers
Shimano Dura Ace 7970 Front Derailleur
Shimano Dura Ace 7970 Rear Derailleur
Vincero Designs Magnetic Bottle "Cages"
External wiring for the Di2
Time ATAC Alium Pedals
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by Weenie

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by rgkicksbutt


I see you went for some of the cheapest pedals out there, any reason? Maybe one of the higher-end Time pedals? Those Aliums are relatively heavy IIRC

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by reggiebaseball

Thanks for your input. I hear you on the pedals!
My shop hates those pedals too, but I really like them. Or rather, I love the ATAC mechanism, and I love using MTB shoes. I often get off the bike, have to unclip often, and have to pedal without being clipped in while navigating traffic sometimes, so I have always liked SPD over the road cleats/shoes. I think I would move to road shoes if there was demonstrable evidence of better power, but I think SPD cleats on a carbon soled MTB shoe provide just as direct a power transfer.
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by euan

The increased contact area between shoe, cleat and pedal is the main benefit of doing to a three bolt delta shaped cleat(or Speedplay) system over the SPD style.
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by prendrefeu

Yes, but being able to use mountain/cyclocross shoes for a winter/wetweather bike is a bit superior, no?

If I built up a 'winter' bike, I'd also go with an spd-type set up. It's winter, you're training anyway - the weight doesn't hurt, it helps!
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by reggiebaseball

I can appreciate both of your points. I was most comfortable with the ATAC system and I like the mud shedding Pedal and recessed cleats on my shoes. I think I will train on them overthe winter and audition some road pedals for the spring. Time, Look, DA and speedplay on my short list.

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by micky

I wish my winter bike to be THAT good. :twisted: :thumbup:

by Weenie

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by reggiebaseball

That is a bit of a joke on my part. Really it is my "dream" bike.
But I didn't get it built until winter, and where I live it almost always rains, so I call it my rainy day bike because I still try to use it everyday.

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