Merlin Cielo frame - Help me!

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by mark3178

Hi chaps,
I'm considering buying a Merlin Cielo frame, i have two questions.

The first, I noticed that most of the bikes have a standard detailing around the Titanium, however the one i'm looking at has something a little different (see photo) any ideas why this is?

Also I know its a very individual thing, but sizing, I'm a 33 inside leg and 6ft 2, the bike in question i've been told is a 56, however I'm pretty sure they only make a 55 or 57. I have found a measurement chart, also attached, does anyone have any advice on exactly where the measurements are made, so I can work out which size it is? (its an 8 hour drive away, so am trying to work out before travelling)

Size Seat Tube (c-t) Top Tube Head Tube Length Seat Tube Angle
49cm 49 52 9 74
51cm 51 53.5 9 74
53cm 53 54.5 11 74
55cm 55 55.5 12.5 73.5
57cm 57 56.5 14 73
59cm 59 57.5 16 73
61cm 61 58.5 18 72.5

The attachment !B5DMctgBWk~$(KGrHqJ,!hwEycbhB1UFBMsL,kMHV!~~_12.jpg is no longer available

Hope you can help. Also just out of interested, what do you think is a resonable price for the bike, Full Dura ace Gset, Carbon eston seat post stem etc, and Bontrager 5.0 wheels? All in A1 condition?

Thanks in advance, Mark[/quote]

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by astardotcom

The one with the fancy engraving is an older model. The standard engraving is the newer model

Check out my sig for my 2009 Merlin Cielo. You can tell that the seattube no longer has the carbon tube like the picture you attached. Merlin opted against it for durability issues I'm guessing. Mine also has the standard engraving.

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by ming

my buddy has the one with the fancy engraving. he picked it up ~2006. the older version has carbon on the seat-tube as well as carbon on the seat-stays. it is a beautiful ride. good luck finding one.

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by merlin3008

FWIW...I'd get a good shop to look at your sizing before you drove the 8 hours. Someone who is 6 foot 2 should be riding a bigger bike than a 56. Everyone is different, but a 56 generally translates to someone in the 5-10 range. I would intuitively think that you're looking at bike that might be too small.

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