New racing alu horse: Velocite Selene UPDATE feb 24th

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by devinci


after my first bike, a devinci cx sl, I decided to switch to a more racy, stiffer frame and of a similar weight. I wanted an alloy frame with a traditionnal geometry. I looked at some cannondale caad9 but they are hard to find here and or were too pricey, I decided to go with a Velocite Selene after some research and after a member of this forum gave me good feedback about the frame. It might not be the lightes frame ever made, but I think it will be plenty stiff for my needs. I will use it for traning and road racing/criteriums.

At first view, I must say the finish of the frame is impressive, the paint quality is A1. Ok, the color scheme kind of suck, but I think its sober and simple. The welds are also well made, they're quite apparent but they are very even and add to the frame classic look. The frame is BB30 but I actually use a threaded BB adapter in order to fit in my wired DA SRM, I cant ride without this stuff now. The frame has a tapered HT in wich goes the velocite boraS UD carbon fork. The fork is light, lighter then my old columbus carve carbon fork. Its full carbon, with carbon drop outs.

The build list goes as following:

Frame: Velocite Selene 7005 alloy, Medium ---- 1470g with BB adapter
Fork: Velocite BoraS ---- 320g
Bars: 42 cm FSA energy traditionnal bend ---- 273g
Stem: FSA OS-115, 120mm, +/- 6 degrees ---- 148g
Seatpost: FSA K-Force lite, 25mm setback ---- 221g uncut
Seatpost clamp: Velocite anchor ---- 25g
Saddle: Fizik aliante, removed scuff guards ---- 234g
Headset: Velocite integrated HS/expander plug ---- 118g with 7 mm alloy top cap
Shifters: sram red ---- 292g
Front derailleur: shimano ultegra 6600 clamped ---- 105g
Rear derailleur: sram rival ---- 190g
Brakes: sram rival ---- 287g
Crankset: SRM dura-ace, 175mm ---- 832g
Cassette: shimano 105, 12-25 ---- 252g
Chain: shimano 105 ---- 273g
BB: shimano ultegra 6700 ---- 90g
Cables and housing: jagwire ---- 178g
Pedals: look keo classic ---- 276g
Skewers: KCNC ---- 45g
Tires: michelin pro 3 race ---- 408g
Tubes: vittoria ---- 175g
Bottle cages: tacx tao alloy ---- 93g
PCV with bar mount and cables: ---- 121g
Bartape: white cork ---- 51g
-mavic cosmic carbones SL
-handbuilt: xr-200, dt240, 32 rev front, 32 rev/comp rear ---- 1436g with rim tape and cpu magnet
here are some shots, enjoy

toal: 7690g

The frame

HT close-up

BB junction

BB adapter

The fork

Fork close-up

Frame/fork combo

Front brake

Rear brake

Seatpost clamp

Complete headset

Remaining parts to be dismounted from my other bike, cleaned and weighted in. Soon to be published.

Stay tuned
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by ahumblecycler

Excited to see the finish build ... looking good thus far. :thumbup:

How much did your mavic cosmic carbones SL weigh in?

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by devinci

ahumblecycler wrote:Excited to see the finish build ... looking good thus far. :thumbup:

How much did your mavic cosmic carbones SL weigh in?

havent weighted them yet without tires and cassette, will do it after other main parts, I'll let you know.

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by micky

Looks good!!

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by bluesea

devinci wrote:BB adapter

Love the espresso shot. :thumbup: I really like the Selene's colors as depicted in your shots--its a little less blue than in other pics I've seen.

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by astardotcom

I personally love the color scheme. Looks great!

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by devinci

I was also surprised with the blue color. its less flashy then what you can see in comon selene pictures. Its more like blue/grey, lot more sober.

I need the headset to be pressed in, after that, I'll start building the bike, only a few parts left to weight

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Powerful Pete
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by Powerful Pete

I like it. Cannot wait to see more...
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by devinci

here's a very crappy pic of the build in progress.

I am still undecided on the bars position, should I:

1- position the straight part of the drop parallele to the stem angle

2- position the straight part of the drop parallele to the top tube


thanks for any comments

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Tinea Pedis
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by Tinea Pedis

This is going to be a fair rocket devinci - nice! :thumbup:

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by rgkicksbutt

How do you even take a pic that bad? :lol: kidding

I'd match it with the top tube, unless it's not comfortable of course

looks good! :thumbup:

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by KWalker

drop angle should match the hood and stem angle in my opinion. I liked my traditional bars this way both in a practical and aesthetic sense.
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by devinci

thanks KWalker, rgkicksbutt.

I'll think about it untill I tighten all the bolts and the build is done.

I think the build is going to be in the high 17 lbs/7,8kg.

I am looking at a way of reducing the weight to hit 15,99 lbs :P

Any suggestions as to lower the weight keeping in head :

1-I want a reliable bike

2-Things Im willing to change are: rear der, cages, minor tuning (bolts, pulley), tires, tubes, chain, cassette. Im looking at the most cost effective way to reduce way while keeping the bike ridable on a daily basis, hence why I am not thinking about a fancy alloy recon cassette :P

thanks for inputs

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by Guymk

First off i've got to say, beautiful frame. I am heavily considering the selene as my next frame, despite the weight, looking forward to hearing a ride report.
To lighten it up you could run some Schwalbe Ultremo tires (~180g each) and some latex tubes.

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by LouisN

Nice frame Devinci,


Now you might want to reconsider your screen name :lol: (maybe Velocite will sponsor it !!! :lol: ).

Things I would personnally look at to loose some weight:

- Seatpost : A few models around the 175 g range, would save 50 g (Ritchey WCS not so pricey, 3T Dorico LTD very pricey!!!)
- Seatpost clamp: KCNC or Woodman deathgrip (I have the latter) from 9-14g.
- Derailleurs: 7800 or 7900 derailleurs, with a Braze-on front and KCNC clamp would save around 25g.
- Chain: The 7900 would save you around 20g.
- Cassette: I think the best compromise is 6700 cassettes. Cheap, will last forever, and you save around 30g.
- Housings: Alligator Ilinks might help you save 50g.
- Pedals: Keo carbons have higher tension springs, an from memory, weight 20g les...
- King ti cages: you'll save 30g with undestructible cages.
- Tires: I really LOVE my Veloflex Corsa 22, think they're around the 220g mark.
- Light tubes: Remember the big BANG you heard at the race where we met? That was a light tube, with 130 PSI in it. I don't recommend them, maybe because I didn't have any luck either with the Michelin ultralight, or the Vittoria ultralight...
- Handlebars: I have the same handlebars that you have and I like them a lot. Now thinking of getting something lighter and shallower (Ritchey WCS curve alloy at 237g for cheap, or Eston EC90 SLX3 at 195g for not so cheap....). But I'll keep the FSA just in case...

BTW, 10/10 for the "crema" on that espresso !!! :thumbup:

All this would chop half a pound off your rig, for a few hundred $$$. You can get many of them used without too much risk...

Louis :)

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