Brightest, lightest and not too expensive rear lights?

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by parajba

Hi everybody,

I'm in the market for a new rear light for my commuter (Caad9).
What are the brightest and lighest rear lights around?

How would you rate the following?

1. Blackburn Mars 3.0 (£15)
2. Smart Lunar R1 1 Watt (£17)
3. Smart Lunar R2 2x0.5Watt (£19)

Thanks for your comments.

PS: I used the search function but couldn't find anything on the subject (which seems a bit strange!)

by Weenie

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by synchronicity

Sigma sport micro LED.
These are pretty small & light.
Not the brightest though.
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by mrfish

You can't have everything at once.

Exposure makes some small, bright expensive lights, but with ridiculous batteries
You can buy some very small cheap but not bright lights that look like keyring lights
Smart lights won a recent test for brightness. However they moderately expensive and large-ish


Bottom line is that Cateye have a huge market share in rear lights here. They make a 5-LED (looks like 5 soap bubbles in a row) which is reliable, batteries last a long time, quite cheap, bright enough to dazzle you in the shop.

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by Phish57

Blackburn Flea rear lights are both super light weight and fairly bright. Relatively cheap too. The Flea front light is equally feathery in weight, and is a good "be seen" light, but totally worthless as a headlight.

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by stephen@fibre-lyte

Exposure have a new front and rear light that seem really good. Not sure about mrfish's comment about the batteries (care to elaborate?) but certainly worth taking a look at. I also think their more expensive lights are worth the money as well. I have an Enduro (which they no longer make) with a red eye rear and they are superb, just a bit pricey!

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by swimmingskibble

I ride frequently at night while comuting to and from the college campus. I have really like the Planet Bike super flash.
It was the brightest for the price that I found.

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by js

+1 on the Planet Bike Superflash - I got mine from MEC and made sure to grab one or two extra before heading overseas, as they are that good... and still less then $20. They have similar lights here, but none with the same pulsing flash sequence that really sets the Flash apart from everything else.

The only downside is that when you're riding with friends, there's probably a pretty serious seizure risk to those in your draft.

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by Herb5998

another +1 for the PlanetBike SuperFlash, it can be seen VERY far away and since it have a "strobe like" effect, it looks a lot different to the driver than a normal bike rear light

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by parajba

The Planetbike Superflash is sold in the UK as Smart Lunar R1, how bizarre (same as option no 2 in my first post). I did notice it is a very good light, thanks for the advice.

Blackburn seems to do some very light and bright lights too like the Mars 4.0 or 3.0.

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by stella-azzurra

None brighter

Can be run in day light.

Cheap, bright but a bit heavy by WW standards.
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by mythical

I use Knogs Frogs for their convenience:

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by parajba

It seems that the Smart SuperFlash (or Lunar R1 here in the UK) is a good powerful rear light.

How about the Blackburn Mars 3.0 and 4.0? Similar prices...

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by hockinsk

Dinotte tail is the brightest you can get. So bright car drivers normally give you an extra few feet when passing. Only problem is if you forget to put it on low brightness setting, drivers get pretty pissed off as they are blinded before the can get near enough to pass you. Imagine being behind a car with fog lights on in dark and no fog and then multiply that brightness x 2 and that's how bright the dinotte till is on high brightness mode! I've been stopped by the police asking me to turn it down so use with caution.

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by roselend

KNOG: Light, very bright LED light, and really easy to put on your seatpost, wishbone style seatstay or handlebar

KNOG Gekko for the rear:
I use it in Alpine ascents when there are some dark long tunnels in the climbs.

Try one of the other KNOG's for the front. I use the Skink.

by Weenie

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by limba

I use Knog Skinks and the Superflash.

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