New to WW here is my Time RXR VIP w/ Lightweights

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by jwilliams

This is my 4th bike, and my second Time RXR. My first was the 2010 Red RXR set up with SRAM red and Campagnolo Bora Ultras. In 08 I had a cervelo soloist SL, then in 09 a pinarello prince. My move to time was a “want” to get the ride quality of the prince with the fast and stiff quality of the Cervelo. Once I knew the handmade quality of the Time bikes and the manner in which they produce and make the bikes it was no longer an option, but a calling to own this bike. I built this final bike after a small debate of the true purpose of the build. Was weight the main objective, was it going to be raced, and where would I spend a majority of time on the bike at? So once I came to the reason and goal of the build I was able to move past the desire to try out a new frame. Of the two frames I had looked at were the Guru Photon, RBA’S winner of best dream bike, and the Cervelo California R5 a brand I love and a weight out of this world. Both handmade, light and very new. Goal was handmade, or American; nude carbon fiber to match the RXR VIP, weight would trump everything unless it did not meet the first two criteria.
The small and simple fact the Time RXR in the past was everything I could want in a bike I did not want to regret the decision. I felt that I was in a debate over buying a Ferrari or a Lamborghini, and having driven one and not the other I was quite happy with my decision. So here she is, and so named the “Black Dragon.” After my kids current favorite movie “How to train your Dragon.”
Shimano DI2 was the first group I looked at for the build. However the Red was such a quick and easy to use set up I kept true to the race set up. Zero G brakes, and the Zipp Vuma with ceramic BB we my deviations from the group. I will say I love the Zipp cranks, my Red RXR has the Easton EC90’S and my big ankle hits the crank on a hard effort. Not so with the Zipp as it is a more minimal crank, not a big beefy unit as the Eason is. Lightweight Gen III Standard with Lightweight branded Continentals. I was more or less stuck here on wheels. As when I looked at the need to find a nude carbon rim, so few are made, and AX-42 were not only hard to come by. At a mire 175 pounds, and 195 with bike and rider other options were pushed to the rider limit. The seat is a work of art, and well I can do 100+ miles on it with good bibs on…

The ride is not overly soft thanks to the Lightweights. It will push sharp turns, beg to be taken up hill and is just a joy to ride. The brakes I hate. From day one I was not a fan. A call to Zero G, and a guy who gave me incorrect info was not what I expected. I was fist told they would repair it free. Then I got a call that they would charge me $150 to “Tune” them. For $150 I might get some used DA 7900 and order the EE’s or the new AX units. The Time i-clic are ok. I had Speed play on my Red RXR but had to get 2 sets for my bikes. In a week I broke 2 cleats. Not user error as an underground non official recall was under way. The new units, AKA gen 3 are much thicker and can be seen in a side by side. Also the Gen 1 would have a false clip. Where you were clipped in but if you pulled up you got play in the front of the cleat. This is fun when you jump up to clip in fast and you pull away from the line to only need to un-clip and re-clip in. This is not the case with the gen 3. Every review of the RXR is spot on; it is hands down the bike every company lust after to make. But since Giant, another bike I have is the only other company to make their own carbon fiber in house no one ever will. Thanks Justin and Marco of Pista Palace in San Diego for building the perfect bike.

trip 027.JPG

trip 029.JPG

trip 030.JPG

trip 031.JPG

trip 033.JPG

trip 035.JPG

trip 028.JPG

trip 036.JPG

trip 037.JPG

trip 038.JPG

by Weenie

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by jwilliams

Here is the RED RXR just for kicks, she is 14.1 lbs as shown, but the RXR VIP ia at a mire 13.5

red rxr.jpg
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by gumgardner

I never heard of adding the bike as part of the rider weight limit. Interesting. What clips were bad, iClic or the speedplays??

Nice bikes btw ;)

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by jmilliron

So how do you insure a bike like that? I guess home owners or renters covers it getting stolen from your place. The other person's car insurance covered mine when they rear ended me. What happens if you destroy most of it in a training ride or race though?
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by tonytourist

Looks fast!!! :twisted:

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by GGG

Cool Black Dragon.
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by g_doraz

Sweet ride dude, love it :thumbup:
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by Powerful Pete


And fantastic bike.
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by 743power

Beautiful, but give us a good drive side shot of the whole bike to drool over please!
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by range

Really nice ride. I like the BoB TIME VIPs.
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by MrStevennator

The black bike is nice but the red bike looks really amazing :thumbup:

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by dgasmd

I can't possibly see how you got that bike to 12.1 Lb. I have the same frame, although smaller size, lightweight tubular wheels and lighter tires, same pedals, lighter bars, no spacers under the stem, and lighter cages. The only thing lighter I see on yours compared to mine is the seat plus the crank by a couple of grams, and yet mine comes to 14.1 Lb. I wonder if the VIP is inherently a significantly lighter frame and fork combo though. :noidea: :noidea:

Very very nice bike though. Looks nice.

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by tarz

you literally CANT go wrong with Pista Palace!
I personally think all their bikes are fantastic, really good solid builds that can handle all kinds of racing and training abuse!
kudos on your build!
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by jwilliams

Thanks for the kind welcome.

Here are a few replys to the above.

The speedplays are nice, but a pain to walk in. The i-clic, third generation are very nice and have a nice float to them. The first 2 sets I had were the week they hit the US so there were some issues that have now been fixed.

The weight of the bike is much less from the Red RXR first in part to the paint weight, the seat, compact cranks, 1/2 wrap bars, lighter cables and chain, zipp ceramic BB, and the lightweight wheels w/ tuned up ceramic hubs. Now I should get the final weight with cages clips and computer, but I think it will still be under 13 lbs or right there.

Here is a drive side shot. Question,on the cages. Should I run the Red cages, Or the VIP cages? Here is the funny part the VIP cage is the red cage with a sticker over it. That is very lame.

Also I found a set of KCNC brakes, but gold. I need a set that will stop a 175 pound rider going 45mph down a 17%-10%. The current set sucks, along with the customer service. I have never had a set of brake so sensitive to use. I think the gold KCNC with Gold nikon might be trick.

trip 011.JPG
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by Weenie

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