New powermeter rumours

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by fujiteam

I just stumbled across this today, This system claims to give you right and left side power readings
1500grams and +/- .25% all for $4450.

Will this ever end up competing with Metrigear or are these marketed totally different. Even if Metrigear were to price itself around a SRM prop the MEP is still a lot more.

There was also a post today about power2max. It seems like in the next 12 months there will be quite a few new players on the block.

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by kervelo

Polar & Look release:


Polar and LOOK, the inventor and leader in clipless pedals, have merged their expertise to introduce the first clipless pedal that measures power output and cadence. Kéo Power is a must-have novelty for the ambitious cyclists who want to reach their maximum potential.

Polar P5 power transmitters and Look Kéo Power pedals comprise together the first-ever power measurement system integrated in the pedals. Easy to attach to cranks and switch between the bikes, each pedal comes with eight embedded gauges for extreme precision in power measurement. The two power transmitters relay the data from the sensors directly to a compatible Polar cycling computer on the bike’s handlebars.

Kéo Power gives instant feedback by measuring accurate power output in watts from both the left and the right pedal separately. By revealing the cyclist’s left/right balance between the legs, the system helps perfect cycling technique. In addition, current and average cadence is essential for those willing to optimize their cycling economy.

The system is compatible with Polar CS600X and CS500 cycling computers and works with any crankset on the market. The CS500 displays power output and cadence, whereas the CS600X reveals the left/right balance and Cycling Efficiency Index as well. The Polar LOOK Kéo Power system will become available in spring 2011. ... wer_pedals

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by James_London

Proprietary transmission on the Look/Polar powermeter! Bah! That's irritating. Depending on who did the R&D (Metrigear?), I would have thought it would be more commercially attractive for Look to go it alone with ANT+ transmission rather than co-marketing with Polar and their somewhat dubious prior exploits in power measurement. Not to mention it will no doubt be a while before files can be imported to WKO+ etc seamlessly. And via Infrared, ffs!

Still on the bright side, I notice the compatible Polar CS500 does have a 'Drink Reminder' so you don't forget to drink whilst riding. Ahem.
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by crumjack

The video mentions compatibility with CS600 but the press release only says CS500 and CS600X. Wondering if that is an oversight or if they are glossing over it is compatible with a computer that can be found on closeout pricing right now.
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by petromyzon

There is some hope that it is not the Metrigear product (which is good because the rumour is 1500-1800 euro for this non-Ant+ one). As recently as 20/08 they tweeted:

Thanks for all the inquiries - we’re alive, well, and make no mistake, working hard on Vector. Sorry, but no release date to announce yet.

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by James_London

The price point for the Keo Power is news... Thanks for that. A tad more expensive than I'd expected. Is that a reliable source or can anyone else confirm? Presumably including a headunit?

Yes, I saw that Metrigear tweet too but thought it didn't rule out use of their intellectual property by Look/Polar. There's an animation of the pedal spindle in the video on Polar's site. I don't know if Metrigear have published anything on theirs or how similar their design is but it would be interesting to see a comparison.

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by ave

That's sad news. :( Being Proprietary Polar sucks.
I'd have bought them if they're ANT+

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by Chirobike

Wonder if Metrigear isn't licensing their PM technology to them and selling a Speedplay version with ANT+ still under their branding?

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by crumjack

Sorry, I missed the pricing. Saw references in other forums that its on the expensive side but haven't been able to find an actual price myself.

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by ms6073

crumjack wrote:The video mentions compatibility with CS600 but the press release only says CS500 and CS600X.

Since the current genre of Polar cadence, power, and speed sensors for the CS500, CS600, CS600X, and RS800X all depend on Polar's W.I.N.D. protocol, then I think it safe to say that yes, they are compatible.
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by Kraaf

James_London wrote:And via Infrared, ffs!

The year is 1979, ladies and gentlemen.

Still on the bright side, I notice the compatible Polar CS500 does have a 'Drink Reminder' so you don't forget to drink whilst riding. Ahem.

My PCV doesn't have that! Even the PC7 doesn't have that! I'm sold.
I love you guys. Seriously.

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by 2 wheels ... the-market
A post from the Brim Blog

Validating the market

Tuesday, September 14th, 2010, by Barry

There’s a lot of talk in online forums and media of power meters in the last few weeks – new designs announced, previously announced ones going mysteriously silent, detailed analysis of prototypes and press releases, even a few conspiracy theories. Power meters suddenly seem to be the coming Big Thing. At the Eurobike trade show in Germany a couple of weeks ago we had established equipment companies becoming involved, and around every corner there seemed to be another pedal or crank based system in development with an optimistic launch date. Suddenly everyone wants to design a power meter.

As far as we’re concerned all this activity “validates the market”. In other words, it demonstrates that we were right about power meters – their time has come. It’s interesting to note though that all the systems announced recently still focus on instrumenting the bike, not the rider. It will interesting too to see who delivers, and who’s left standing when the dust settles. The next couple of years are going to be very exciting in the power meter market, and with all this competition lining up there’s no doubt that in the end the winner will you, the bike rider. One big win is already apparent. That’s the ANT+Sport wireless standard being used by all power meter systems, both available and announced (with just one very notable exception). ANT+Sport wireless compatibility means that bike sensors and displays from different manufacturers work together, so you can mix and match as you want. It’s hard to see why any power meter design would use a proprietary wireless link, except as a way to lock users into their products.

Meanwhile we’re working steadily on the development of our own system. Not just on the technical development but also on putting in place the resources and alliances we’ll need to bring it to market. Lots of interesting things going on back here behind the curtain, which we’ll share with you just as soon as we can. Our approach is to go carefully, and only promise what we know we can deliver. No unrealistic announcements or press releases, no showing prototypes in a glass case at trade fairs, no rash promises. As soon as we’ve got real information we’ll give it. We’d love to be able to confidently answer today the three questions we get asked most frequently: when can I buy it? which pedal & cleat system? how much? We know what we think the answers will be, but there are still a few variables that could change things so we’ll wait until we’re sure. We hope that won’t be very long, but these things have a habit of taking much more time to pin down than planned. Thanks for your patience.

By the way, I’ll be attending Interbike in Las Vegas next week, and the ANT+ symposium in Alberta the following week, so if you’ll be at either and you happen to see me do say hello. Or if you’d like to arrange to meet for a chat get in touch.

A recent prototype of our power meter.
This one weighed just 15 grams in total.

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by icolquhoun

^^^ very cool looking prototpye there, and I think most of us will agree the weight is right-on as well :lol:

From what it looks like with the wire running down the side of the shoe to presumably under it and between the shoe sole and the cleat, I gather the powermeter will be a sandwich design. I wonder what bolt pattern it will use? 3 bolt, 4 bolt? I'd love there to be a way to swap the system from one shoe to another without disassembling the entire thing, say, to mtn shoes for mtb and cx use....I am still extremely interested in either this or the metrigear....
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the polar is going to be ~$2500....

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by Max Gravity

$2500... at least it sounds like they are pretty serious otherwise I don't think they would set a
price like that. Hope it is a result of trying to get it right with solid components.
Chain vibrations, yeah that was cheaper...
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