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by leoNM

hey guys.

I've just created my accont :]

I've read some reviews on internet aboult tons of frames, but I have a doubt.
My style: I'm a crit racer who like to go faster and faster, I like to attack and sprint hard but I'm not the best climber, so light weight is a nice thing :]

I read a lot of reviews aboult spz sl3 and the super six hi mod, both good look/performance bikes. I can't dicide which one would be better for my style.

I'm now ridding a merida 909 with zipp 303 and sram red, my future frame will get this equipaments.


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by Stats

:welcome: Leo...

hopefully the moderators move your topic to the road or cycle chat section of the forum... you'll find that you won't get much of a reponse in here... this is more for questions regarding the board administration...

back to your questions, both the SL3 and the Supersix are nice bikes - my personal preference between the two would be the Cannondale Supersix HM... however, i should point out that the last Supersix i rode was a 2008 model and they have changed a fair bit since then... i've never ridden the SL3, they just don't do as much for me...

There are a couple of cliche responses you should expect with a question like this - the first is from the bike fit brigade who will tell you "buy the bike that fits the best" and little else to help your decision, and despite the fact you can probably make either fit the same with the correct choice of stem/bars... the other recommendation i would make is to ride both of them, if you possibly can, and although the spec's on either will affect how they feel to ride, you should still get a fair idea on how they feel and this would probably make your decision easier...

I find that for myself, and most others, that when looking at two bike brands, there is often one you slightly prefer... even if it's marginal, it might be what the brand means to you, the way the shape of that bike looks or the something as simple as the colour... the one that you feel slightly compelled to get, buy that one... you'll be less likely to get buyers regret, probably keep it for longer and ride it more because you like it more... of course the way they fit and feel are most important but it would be ignorant to deny that the other factors don't weigh in too...

in terms of your particular riding style, either bike would be fine... neither is really designed to be specifically a climber or sprint machine... one won the Giro, the other is currently wearing yellow... take your pick! :lol:

hope that helps.

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