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Discuss light weight issues concerning road bikes & parts.
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by raffcarnio

Road racer. Fast and short competitive races. - Giant TCR.
I'm using: Front: Continental Supersonic 20 (140gr)
Rear Michelin Pro Race 20 (200gr).
Do you have some suggestions or improvements?
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by Superlite

Yeah, get rid of the super sonic, they suck unless your doing time trials, too slippery. Stick with two pro race, or get something else, vredestien are the best, esp tri comp, just not super lite @ 235-255g.
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by Weenie

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by benz76

Keep your Supersonic: it's great! Expecially when used on front wheel.
I don't use Supersonic on rear wheel for two reasons: they last 500 km (more ol less) and they're a bit soft.

For the rear wheel try Hutchinson Fusion Air-Light 4 extrusion 20mm: they're lighter than claimed weight (160gr actual weight), they're super low rolling resistant and I've rarely found another tire that delivers such a "safety feeling" when cornering like this one.
Another choice is Hutchinson Fusion Comp : they're around 170 gr (2003 model, maybe 2004 little heavier), they last more than Air Light, but they feel a bit slower... I mean when cornering, downhilling, sprinting...

If you are searching for super stiff feeling also on front wheel try an Hutchinson also on front end...

Bye, Benz.

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by Cyco

Try the Pro Lite, basicly the same as a Pro Race less a woven layer. On rough surfaces a 23 will be faster than a 20 (but weight a few grams more).
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by Bruiser

Kenda Kaliente Lite 700 claims to weigh 165g.
Has anyone used them?
I require 23cc for the roads I ride and 165 appears very light.


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