Re: Where did the Pro Equipment 2010 thread go...?

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by JK

Powerful Pete wrote:insults or 'how dare you' posts

Be brave enough to look in the mirror; you had it coming.

To the people that happily participated in and watched the Pro Equipment topic, deleting it is an insult.

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by CarlosFerreiro

Roel W wrote:What would be the meaning of a pictures-only topic?
I always thought a forum was meant to discuss things or am I wrong?

I can see the positive side of a pictures only thread for keeping it very clean in that specific thread, but what would the plan be for when people wanted to discuss a new piece of equipment further? Start lots of individual new threads in chat with "Re:post 1004 in the Pro equipment thread......"?

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by nothingman

Powerful Pete wrote:[...]We are waiting for things to calm down a bit and will discuss his matter further. [...]

Meaning, "We are waiting until more of you have decided just to drop your objection and go elsewhere."

I think the mods are being entirely disingenuous with all this "we are discussing, we are listening" talk.

It's been 11 pages. Your ears should be ringing with all the listening you say you're doing. Give us back our thread.

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by rudder

Without wanting to offend the mods, I also think the removal of the pro team thread is a net loss - for all its negative points it was still the biggest and most read topic. The uneccessary posts were not harmful, you only had to scroll through them.

From a personal perspective, I enjoyed reading all the posts, even those that were off-topic or repetitive. Lots of posts in the forum have little value (for example all the 'wow - nice bike!!' posts in the gallery section) but they are all appreciated because this is a community based around shared interests, and the vast majority of users seem happy to accept the chat along with the more strictly 'useful' posts.

My suggestion - if the mods are finding the workload associated with keeping the pro team thread on track too tiresome, why not just appoint another moderator? I'm sure there are plenty of people, who'd be only too happy to take on the role of 'pro team thread mod' or whatever.

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by M_b•

I couldn't agree more with rudder and his comments! ...and the suggestion of simply adding a mod just seems wholly too obvious if the reason was workload.

I loved the pro team thread but frankly I could live without it. What I am concerned about is what may come next. How many other threads will be locked, deleted, or banned because they don't fit the this very narrow notion of what makes it a "weight weenie" approved topic - sans discussion. I love this forum and have gained a ton of useful information from products I would not have considered otherwise to some very useful tips and techniques from training to mechanical issues. NONE OF THESE FIT THIS ANTIQUATED IDEA OF WHAT WEIGHT WEENIES IS that the mods are now proposing. I frequent Fairwheel bikes forum as well, but there is something about the audience here that is so diversified and intelligent that it keeps me coming back.

Weight weenies is unique in its professionalism amongst the forum members. Spam is generally VERY LOW for a forum, the quality of the threads are generally very high quality, and the contributing comments (though they may stray now and again) are over all very intelligent and worth reading. It would be a shame to see it disappear... .

[and mods, please don't take anything I say as a direct attack on you personally. I understand that it is a thankless job, but look around at some other forums (bike related and not) - I think you'll see just how much easier you have it here and how your recent actions can be seen as offensive to some. I have come to love what weight weenies has become and would hate to see it disappear - and reverting to the old now narrow-minded version of what it was years ago (it was great when experience in its own historical context - but now the industry has changed) is effectively making it disappear...]

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by musket

Actually, even the way this thread's been filtered so as not to stay at top when new posts are made smacks of lame, defensive moderation.
Don't be alarmed.

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by Dalai

Really musket? Topic sits at the top for me... First we have the juvenile outbursts by some posters, now we have the conspiracy theorists joining the arguement! :lol:

mitre_tester :roll:

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by BmanX

Wow. It would have been easier to just leave without acting like a child. Bye Bye.

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by Stats

musket wrote:Actually, even the way this thread's been filtered so as not to stay at top when new posts are made smacks of lame, defensive moderation.

:lol: yeah! they're all against us! :lol: ..relax...

i think what you're talking about is when you go to the 'Road' section, the topic does not move to the top anymore even after new posts... what happens is when a thread is moved, it no longer keeps popping to the top of the list in the section it was moved from (because it's not relevant there) but it will keep going to the top of the list in the new section - in this case 'Weight Weenies'...

it's no conspiracy - it's operated the same way ever since i've been here...

i would hazard a guess that moderators like bikes as much as the rest of us... all you need to do is visit a few of the topics around the place to see Frankie and P.Pete actually post comments even more than they moderate comments... :D

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by musket

I stand corrected - my mistake. Apologies.

The fact that my incorrect assumption seemed entirely plausible given the other moderation recently says enough.
Don't be alarmed.

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by Miller

I'm mostly a lurker, occasionally a writer. The one thread that kept me visiting daily was the pro team equipment thread. I didn't even mind the chat, we can have a joke sometimes can't we? So I can only echo the many replies to this thread. Deleting the most popular thread on the forum is madness.

> remember that this is Weight Weenies, not ProBikeLovers forum
No! WW and ProBike is pretty much the same damn thing now!

I just hope that the moderator pride isn't getting in the way of restoring the Pro Team thread. The Tour starts three weeks tomorrow. Are we seriously going to be without a pro bike discussion thread while the best cyclists on the planet are racing the best bikes on the planet?

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