Re: Where did the Pro Equipment 2010 thread go...?

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by alexroseinnes

This is a great forum and is much more than just weight weenie material. The moderators, however, are ruining the forum. I'm all for moderators, but the constant interjection into topics over trivial issues is infuriating and unnecessary.

I would suggest that the moderators take a look at slowtwitch for inspiration.

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by gumgardner

:welcome: Now Leave :thumbup:

Moderators do a great job.

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by nodecaf

Lame lame lame. I've been thinking the same thing.

Weight weenies appears to have evolved into something bigger than just "light bikes" (ref the cyclocross discussions, for example). But now the mods appear to be trying to enforce the discussions to revolve only around light bikes.

And since having a light bike is only a means to end (winning bike races), and since I don't know and really don't give a flying flip what my bikes weigh, it appears that Weight weenies has become irrelevant to my needs.

Ironically it was the pro team thread that had me checking these forums on a regular basis.

So I guess this is "adios."

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by alexroseinnes

The pro thread was the best part of the forum. There was a reason it was hundreds of pages long. Sad.

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by js

I have to say that I totally understood and appreciated the moderators efforts to keep the Pro Team topic on point - there were some pretty brutal off-topics in there that often went on for pages... and that's something that seems to have really only happened this year. That said, I do not understand the decision to delete the thread.

A fat bloated thread with all sorts of crap separating the pearls of wisdom or astute observations was still worlds better then no thread at all.

Mods - please remember that there were a great many top-quality posts being put into that thread every week. In fact, it was because of the high quality of these posts and the non-commercial views people posted with, that Weight Weenies was always my first place to search for new information each day.

Quite frankly, I'll never be able to afford to become the next tuned-out, uber-weenie - either financially or time-wise. The appeal of PRO stuff, and the know-how that stands behind it, has surely got a much broader appeal.

The two always stood well together and hopefully they will again.

Alternatively - may I suggest that suspending individuals from posting to the ProTeam thread would be an option? Or maybe making an invitation-only thread... anything is better then nothing.

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by devinci

where has the pro thread gone? :noidea:

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by JK

alexroseinnes wrote:The pro thread was the best part of the forum. There was a reason it was hundreds of pages long. Sad.

And multiple years running..


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by eigner

I only had subscription to the Pro thread. Wth is wrong with the moderators!? It was a brilliant thread with lots of nice info, pictures and comments. Take a chill pill moderators. Jeez! On the last 10 pages of the Pro thread, the only spam and non related posts where posted by moderators.. Now I just lost all respect for you.
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Powerful Pete
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by Powerful Pete

Gentlemen, I have moved this topic here in WW, where it makes more sense. To simplify things, please continue discussions related to the Pro thread here.

We are all ears when it comes to civil discussions on this matter. Please do not let this degenerate into insults, as this thread will then be locked and the offending users banned.
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by Craigagogo

Let the people speak! Bring back the Pro Thread :evil:
More than 10 years a Weenie!

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by devinci

being banned from WW forum would be the worst sh*t I could encounter

I am serious! Love this forum.

I also think the PRO thread was often degenerating a bit. I was all excited when I opened my WW road page and saw there were not 1, but 2 new pages in the PRO thread, only to see it was all filled with bla bla, irrelevant stuff, without pictures... :cry:
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by dré

What has deleting a whole huge thread to do with moderation? Pete and Franky went a bit over the top recently.

The pro team thread was the most active and one of the most interesting (at least for me) threads of this forum.

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by mattr

devinci wrote:being banned from WW forum would be the worst sh*t I could encounter
Really? :shock:

I think the forum has had its day. Ah well.

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Tinea Pedis
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by Tinea Pedis

I'm no expert, but from a business perspective did the mild OT's really devalue WW to the point that it would detrimentally affect the business model this forum was designed specifically for?

My thoughts are "no". Furthermore deleting it and causing an uproar like this is probably more damaging than the previous situation.

That said, there were times when it was getting out of hand. In such cases there's every need for the mod's to go through and clean it out. Leaving a note would be optional, however those whose posts are deleted would get the idea quick enough that they were straying too far OT.

Mods have a thankless task, are really on a hiding to nothing and have my fullest sympathy. But ultimately I don't see how the issue has been addressed? The problem was removed, not resolved. And this, to me, means it's just going to happen again at some point.....

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by availpunk9

I'm disappointed with the deletion of the Pro thread. I get on WW most of the time just to check up on the Pro postings. The thread derailed off topic a bunch of time; that is true. Why not PM parties involved, delete their posts, and pass out suspension?

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