Rambler C 50....you Likey?

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by Rambler

This is what she use to look like...I have made a few "minor" upgrades since this pic was taken....back in March of 2009.


Wheels: Bora Ultra 2...custom of course
Groupo: Super Record 11.
Bike: C 50 World Champion...SIGNED by Ernesto Colnago at Grand Fondo S.D 2009....and I got PICs to prove it.

She is a bit more "refined" now....think Cinelli Ram 2's....Selle SMP Carbon Seat...custom painted...and of course a custom painted seat post....all in World Champ colors.

by Weenie

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by fa63

Looks wise the handlebar tape, the saddle and the positive rise stem are not doing it for me.

Other than that, it looks great.

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by Rich_W

Ack! My eyes... bro post a warning before you post something so bright! :lol:

Functionally nice bike, except for the chopper stem as noted... colors are too, too much for my taste.

You better be fast as hell with big Chicklet teeth like Chipo to show up at a bike race on that sucker... :smartass:

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by rmuzzi22

bike looks great other than the handlebars being above the seat. Like everything else though :lol:

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by worstshotever

I likey. Talk about a unique ride. Those Bora's are a hoot.

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Powerful Pete
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by Powerful Pete

Yup... need shades to look at this one.

What is with the riser stem?

I actually like those Boras...
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by micky

You cant say your ride isnt unique! :D

Captain Fuzz
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by Captain Fuzz

expensive does not always equal cool. this bike looks like it is trying too hard.. :noidea:
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by nichos

I really really like it!!
Stem and saddle are esthetically a big turn-off, but it's still a bike (i.e. a tool)

Great job!

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by record

Expensive? Sure! Cool? Not!
A light bike does replace good fitness.

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by devinci


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by Willier

Epic fail :unbelievable:
"Smart may have the answers, but stupid have all the interesting questions."

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by devinci


I thougth I was rude, but Wilier beats me

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by rico

Uh, no, I no likey. It's just horrible IMO.

Mind you the main thing is that you enjoy riding it...

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by cl9k24la

Too much colors......Frame seems to big for you. Saddle height seems low and the rise on the stem doesn't look proper.. but if your happy with it...thats all that really matters :thumbup:

by Weenie

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