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by Tumppi

My LOOK collection growing up. :D


Not WW machine, because frame with damper weight 2609g. But anyway 10.6kg as shown. Not bad for fullsuspension bike.

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by range

Not bad indeed!
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by prendrefeu

I mentioned this in another thread in another subforum, but there's something to be said about Look and Time frames. Most people can't just own one... they start with one, then get another Look/Time, and so on. Addiction? Possibly, but I'd put it more like addiction to top quality design and build. :thumbup:

Funnily, I don't feel the same type of addiction for my Bianchi, Salsa, nor Santa Cruz bikes... :noidea:

This Looks like quite the winner! (sorry, too many puns available with these two companies as well)
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by timintense

that looks awesome :thumbup:
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by KH1

Beautifully balanced colour scheme. Great build kit. Sensational work there! :thumbup:
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by 743power

Good complete bike weight, but that is surprisingly heavy for that frameset. .5lb heavier than my aluminum anthem-x. I guess it comes down to the ride and performance though, which I am sure that isn't lacking.
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by Shamus

Ihan eka oli... Voi Vit... toi on hieno!

That is awesome...great build! :thumbup:

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by kapo

Thats superb! looks even better live 8)

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by seismic

Would love a review! How does it ride?

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by Tumppi

Thanks for the kind comments. I will write an review soon, but I also test this bike for Finnish Cycling Magazine so I can't reveal everything yet. :wink:

But maybe something...

It has VPP (virtual pipot point) suspension and as we all know it works great in every kind of conditions. Rear links are on the heavy side with enduro sealing bearings and the whole rear end is VERY VERY robust (and HEAVY), almost like in DH bikes. So no irrelevant play in rear.

Groupset works as it should be, of course because it is best off the line. Brakes are Formula R1 carbons white edition with floating aluminium spider rotors. Well they are one of the lightest and best for XC / All Mountain use. No complaining there.

Seatpost, stem and handlebar are 3T line. Dorico seatpost weight was a little letdown weighing at 230grams.
Fulcrum red metall zeros were 1630g and Nobby Nic Evos are mounted with our own special (top secret) sealant. 8)

Some (ONE BIG) downsides:
SRAM XX cranks has very low Q-factor and Look 996 chainstays has a lot of room for tyres, so cranks are spinning very close chainstays, too close. When putting power to pedals, chain shorten the chainline and driveside chainstay bend towards cranks causing cranks hitting the chainstay. (In fact that happens on every kind of bike and it is only 2-3 mm, but for this bike that was enough) Solution was. I filed 1,5mm off from tip of the XX carbon crank. It help and it doesn't weak the crank, because only paint and lacquer layer was filed off. But it really pissing me off. PERKELE!!! :evil: So I think that most of the all mountain frames are not suitable for low Q-factor cranks as XX ranks are.

I could tune up that bike below 10kg with different wheel setup, lighter seatpost/saddle and with lighter fork (DT), but I can see nothing sense there...

I will let you know more in few weeks, as KAPO said bike is very beautiful in person.

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by mc1987

I love the color scheme.

Nice road bike + Nice mountain bike. Nice job!

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by spaceman

Hi, I´m from Portugal, and I buy this frame too, the bike is under construction :), for the 2011 season.


I hope like the the frame:)

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