Price performance and value Who makes the best?!?!?!?

Discuss light weight issues concerning road bikes & parts.

The best Frameset - considering price, performance, and value

Poll ended at Sat Feb 14, 2004 12:40 pm

Cannondale Team replica
Giant Tcr composite
ORbea Scandium
Scott C1R team, and C1 frame
Storck 0.9
No votes
Strongframes Hyalite
Pinarello dogma
No votes
look KG486
No votes
Time vx frame
No votes
Seven cycles (any frame)
Total votes: 33

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by optimo

Sorry guys but i payed just 2600 euro for my frameset (frame-fork-crankset-record aheadset )
i think that it is important to make a good deal with your bikeshop its normal that they ask the full price but you don't have to pay it.
always tri to make a good deal they don't sell avery day a cad 7

regards Optimo

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by spytech

only 9 people voted, come on guys get into it. any other bikes that i should have added up there?

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by Francois_Viviers

I voted for the Giant, but you really should also have a look at the Stork 1.1 only £1100, which means you will probably find that cheaper in Europe, also the LOOK KG486 is something else. It is a thing of unrivalled beauty.

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by nzkiwiguy

I'm with Francois.

I voted on the Giant but am probably buying the Look 486 next. Getting a 2004 frame/ HSC4 SL for $2050 to set up for TT

Value is a hard definer. I bought an Eddy M Ti frame cause I got it at cost and for the ride characteristics of Ti for endurance riding. It's value as a crit bike or sprint bike is nil!

The Gaint seems to offer the best compromise of characteristics for the $$$.

The Kuota Khan (won bike of the year in 2003 in Europe - Le cycle mag) seems to offer less compromises without the crazy price. I think I will get one of these once there are some more reviews and feedback on durability.

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by Cyco

The Crumpton Composite, in custom sizing for the half the price of a Calfee or Parlee! Gets my vote :D
Success is how far you you bounce back up after being knocked down

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by Bruiser

nzkiwiguy, can you tell me why the tit frame is no good for crits?
Flex or weight?
I was under the impression tit was still and lightweight.


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by jim

perhaps you should add orbea. their starship and particularly their new carbon frame, the orca are very nice. just reviewed the orca
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by nzkiwiguy

I have found that my frame is too flexible. While Ti dampens the road vibrations and soften the ride, it also can soften the power input. It simply does not bite on the power input like a tight alloy or carbon frame. It is also traditional geometry vs sloping giving it a longer seattube (bit more flex - seat stays are higher. However it is a great endurance -century plus bike. I use mavic ssc sl - a nice stiff wheel and it works well with frame. Still get rub on the brakes on power hill climbing.

If you got one of new lightspeeds or the like with curved seatstays and sloping geometry I am sure it would be an effective bike

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by manny

I agree that in general ti bikes have a reputation for being more suitable for road races and centuries rather than running crits. However, there are exceptions to the rule. Custom geometry that allows the ti frame to be built more rigid (like some Sevens) can produce a good crit bike that can be more durable than many alloy frames. The litespeed ultimate is a good example of a standard ti bike with good geometry for crit racing. The short chain stays (less than 40cm) and indented seat tube brings the rear cassette closer to the front chainrings for greater transfer of power.

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by nzkiwiguy

manny is correct in custom can do anything when it comes to building a great bike. The issue with Ti can be tube weight to stiffness, particulary in the rear end. Ovalizing the tubes (width greater than height) and geometry all help.

I have a custom Titus Ti MTB bike. They make a fantastic Ti roadbike and custom roadbike incuding a carbon/Ti "exogrid" which is beautiful but real expensive. Check them out if you are in the Ti market

For something different check out Although a mountain bike builder check out his vertically compliant mtb frame. The kuota khan and new specialized tarmac use a similar concept with the rear seatstay/seatpost/toptube configuration.

Is this the way of the future.

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by bobalou

My initial vote was what I ride, a Giant TCR composite. For me an honorable mention is the Orbea made "Leader Bike". I saw one once on a club ride and the fit and finish are the same as Orbea, no difference. I think the guy only sells on eBay if I'm not mistaken.

The "785R" has DA 10-speed and the rest of the components aren't bad either, all for $2100.

Speaking of which has anybody checked out the new Orbea Orca?

Eric W.
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by Eric W.

I thought Spytech was looking out for the best compromise of price and quality. Why then including Seven. They surely make very fine stuff but is that still at a well calculated rate for this poll? If checking out what the finest bikes are you certainly have to add Moots VaMoots YBB, IF Crown Jewel Ti, Parlee Z1 and Sofa King URO, not to forget about Bill Holland.

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by Mme.Chauchat

Tim the Pineapple wrote:For value and performance.

Pick up a C'dale Caad 5 frame for $ 300-600 USD
Slap on Dura Ace or Chorus and Mavic Kysirum, Ritchey stem, bar and seat post. Now you got solid racing and training bike.

If youre really on budget and not snobby put on 105 or ultegra, youre win just many races on 105, just look at crit races.

Thats really good value/performance in my opinion. Or pick up a Caad 4, frame only ,2001 model (1 1/8 headset).Combined with a king headset and an easton carbon fork, you get a frameset which is light, not expensive and durable.

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