She's Not Wasted! An Addict Emerges from Rehab (5235 gr.)

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by jvanv8

Frame Broken: 2012.08
Updated: 2013.06 on page 6

Here is my Scott Addict SL (size L = 56cm)

I hope to get 50 or so centuries (100 mi) or more for this upcoming season to top the 44 my CR1 did last year so this is not just a "race only" or short-distance bike.
[Update: Yes, did 62 centuries in 2010, 38 in the first 6 months of 2011]

Comments / Suggestions welcome.

[Updated Photos 06/2011]
Some photos from various stages in it's life:
Most Recent Shot (sorry it's not scenic... will replace soon):

Originally a CR1 Pro, which arrived stock at ~ 7800 grams (17.2 lbs) with Mavic Equipes.
Upgraded with Reynolds Assult, Addict Fork, Vuma Quad, New Ultimate Post, SRAM Force to get it down to 6497 grams... also note the poker face crossing the line after 238km and 5500m of climbing. Both the best and worst day on the bike I've ever experienced.

Then, this arrived:

And I successfully escaped winter (I won't comment on the angle of the Garmin if you won't):


A Wayward Dog greeted me on my return in late spring:

Which was a good excuse for some upgrades (DV46C UL, Extralite Stem) now down to 5821 grams. Did countless century rides between CZ and Austria (actually, I did count, it was 62):

We got tired of the rain and headed south:

But who knew that all that sun, 35 degree C temps, and epic twisty, washed out 30% descents would lead to this:

Fall arrived with 2011 Reynolds Forty-Six, up a little to 5927 grams:

French life:

November came and the roads were empty (Tune / temporary Easton cranks while VumaQuads returned from warranty-land):


More recent photos:



The spec sheet is out-dated, I'll post a new version soon:

- J
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Johnny Rad
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by Johnny Rad

It's official: you're a WW!

Weighing in at nearly 13.16lbs with deep dish clinchers is awesome in my book.

I really dig your black frame. I'm building up an '09 with the white / black / yellow color scheme and it's growing on me cosmetically, but I still think your all black frame is epic.

How do you like your tubes? Flats? Pinch flats? Etc? I'm on latex, but am thinking the hassle of airing them up before EVERY ride is not worth whatever ride quality they supposedly afford. I wouldn't mind dropping 60g going from my Michelins (85g each?) to a lightweight tube.

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by dandancast

Very nice bike jvanv8.
Have to be a WW as you took the time to weight and list all the parts. :thumbup:

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by kgt

Very nice bike!
How do you find the wheels? Stiff? Comfortable?

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by range

It's definitely a nice one!
Range ||
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by micky


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by jvanv8

@ JohnnyRad - I've been using the Supersonics for several years now. I really don't get many flats... a few slow leaks discovered apres-ride but I can only remember 1 or 2 flats while riding last year (~ 13000km)

@KGT - The wheels are very solid and the hubs are much better than my old American Classics (not hard to do). I haven't trued them yet after maybe 5000km. The ride definitely isn't harsh. Just did a 7 hour ride with 3000 meters of climbing today and I never felt uncomfortable or jarred. Overall I like them, could be lighter but I guess that is what the DV46C is for (100 grams for 900 euros didn't seem like a wise value) ... there's always next year though ;)
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by sneeeky

beautiful bike for someone who isnt much of a weight weenie :?

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by aerozy

Love the looks of your bike! Those reynolds decals just go so well with the frame. Would love to see some tubies on that beast. Imagine with a pair of DV46 UL's you could shave a good 500gr off. Makes you think twice
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by worstshotever

Just saw the video you made flogging this pretty little thing along some terrific mountain roads in Mallorca. I had to come here to give her parts a closer look. She did seem to like those hills. Have you decided on a name for her?

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by tochnics

nice solid bike,looks flash without being to busy with to much decals

also i would proberly ride any bike any day if i lived there
the beach hear consist of could rain and a some muddy grass next to the shore
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by coloclimber

I'm not really a weight weenie
:smartass: you have powercordz, alloy cassette, submit a build list- Your a WW :smartass:

What if I told you that your bike could lose 12 grams for $16- would you be the least bit curious?
-Deacon Doctor Colorado Slim

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by jvanv8

Damn you coloclimber! Must... resist... aggg.

@ aerozy Yes, the wheelset is on the moderate side of the WW scale, as a tubular DV46T UL or Zipp 303 would be pretty interesting. But I don't have a 'lifeline' to come pick me up if I get a flat in the country. I think next year I will look into it though.

Anyway, no names yet @worstshotever. But the second photo does show her image.

Thanks for checking out my first video. Still learning the recording, editing, and uploading techniques, but it's fun. For those that missed it:
Hopefully the others will be better - looking to get the handlebar/frame mount for better (more stable) angles.
Oh, and if it's choppy due to your internet connection, Click 'pause', go get a cold beverage, and return. Worked for me ;)
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by strobbekoen

cool video.. :thumbup:

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Tinea Pedis
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by Tinea Pedis

Great vid!

Your mate was nearly taken out for being on the wrong side of the road though :smartass:

I'm a fan of The Sounds too :thumbup: but more so their older stuff.

How do you manage to find the time to knock out so many centuries???

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