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Joined: Thu Dec 17, 2009 5:30 am

by HugoDrax

Hello! My name is Aaron and I am from Ohio (USA) and these are my two bikes! I have been lurking on the forum for oh like 5-6 years and thought it would be time to get on board!
The Lemond is 15.4 lbs. (6.98 Kg) and the Trek is 26.0 lbs. (11.79 Kg)
The Lemond has full Sram Force with Zero Gravity brakes, Race X and XXX Lite gear with Aeolus clincher wheels
The Trek has an XTR, XO mix with Rhythm Pro wheels and Race X Lite parts

Give me some comments and hello to all! :D

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by sakic

sick bikes, the Lemond is great.

Really good flag too, but are the bikes on your quilt?

by Weenie

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by HugoDrax

Kinda but quilts can be cleaned (and the tires were clean too)

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by KB

Cool looking Lemond. Welcome on board.

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by Juanmoretime

Welcome to the forum. From Ohio eh. We won't hold that against you since I have a sister in Dayton.

Both are very good builds. There are two ways to approach your bikes. Replace what wears out with later options or because your looking to achieve better fit. Or worn out be damned I want a lighter bike! Where do you fall in?

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by HugoDrax

Well fit wise I couldn't be happier on either bike and I am a college student so spending more money is well... necessary but difficult. However, I just got a powertap and some new velocity rims -insert guess here- and will be building them up over break! So training tools and training are on my mind.

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by micky

Not many Lemond around here!
Good to see a nice one! :thumbup:

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by Frans

What have your ridden besides the Lemond? I'm curious to see if this frame is stiff as a rock or a noodle.

I'm 6' / 81 kgs but I really like the 56cm version of it as i can ride a 12/13 cm stem but these frames are now rare like hen's teeth unfortuntely.

I have a '06 Giant TCR Advanced (M/L) and a '09 R3 SL (56). Would sell a 59cm Colnago CT-2 if I could locate the Lemond.


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by HugoDrax

The bike is awesome! I only weigh 160 lbs. 72 kg. so I don't put huge stresses on the frame or wheels but I haven't noticed flex even in hard uphills or sprints. I might be up for selling mine at some point but I couldn't see any on flea-bay that were selling at a decent price. It is a quick bike especially in the wind the wheels make a noticeable difference.

by Weenie

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