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by tigradekat

I recently put changed the stock red nipples to black on my WH7850 C50 TU wheels, and removed the decals. I like it!


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by mrfish

Magic marker? Or rebuild wheels?

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by tigradekat

mrfish wrote:Magic marker? Or rebuild wheels?

I re-built the wheels of course. Magic marker, sheesh! :mrgreen:

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by micky

Very sleek now! 8)

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by majklnajt

Thats a good lookin` bike!!!

BTW, which wheels are that?
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Joined: Tue Jul 18, 2006 7:27 am

by tigradekat

Dura Ace WH7850 C50 TU

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by synchronicity

micky wrote:Very sleek now! 8)

I was thinking the exact same word: 'sleek'. You beat me to it. :)

Probably the best bike I've seen with the new (not so new now at the end of 2009?) Dura Ace.
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by RichTheRoadie

I took the stickers off mine too (see signature), so much nicer :thumbup:

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by Luc

Sweet, sweet build !!

Pollice verso.

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by ciclistarapdio

What Frame Size is it?

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by bradipo

:shock: wow.....awesome bike

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by HammerTime2

Does that fork curve backwards?

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by nathanong87

also is there a frame specific cap like specialized venge have, becuase that transition looks odd =\

but cool bike

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