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by hutso

I am aiming to reduce the weight of my race bike (cannondale caad7). The obvious choice seems to be to go for carbon wheels. I am mainly hesitat :D ing between Zipp 303 and Campy Hyperon. Normally the hyperons would be excluded because of their price tag (just like ADA, ZIPP Z3 etc) but I am able to get them at a serious discount (price 1500 USD). As the hyperons are only available from 2002 (correct?), I suppose the discount cannot be related to an older model.

Has anyone experience with the zipp 303 or hyperons? Any other suggestions on carbon wheels in the 1500 usd price range?


by JTC

I have a pair of the Zipp 303's and a pair of the American Classic Carbon which are Amer. Classic hubs and Zipp rims. Both are great wheels. I am a heavy (190lbs) rider and have had little problems with either. At $1500 the Zipps and Amer. Classics are going to still be cheaper and lighter. The Zipps weight 1140, and the AC's weigh 1080. Both weights are without skewers. The Hyperons weigh 1200, but I am not sure if that includes skewers. I am guessing they do not. I also have a set of older neucleons that have similiar construction to the Hyperons, but are aluminum not carbon. They are quite a bit heavier, but have been the best all around wheels I have had (10,000+ miles and never touched and still perfically true). So, I would believe that the construction of the Hyperons is great as well. The Zipps are a little more aero as well. I would have to go with the Zipps or Amer. Classics if I were you. Be careful though, because many places are trying to sell the 2001 303's at reduced cost, as they are not the same as the 2002's and 2003's which are a little lighter. But if you shop around you can probably find them for a little over $1000.

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by Doolop

Looking to be faster or just reduce weight?

Reduce weight? Get hyperon wheels and slap some chrono tires on there.

Want to be faster? Get a new frame and some nicer, but less expensive clincher wheels.

The amount of money you are looking to spend on wheels will get you a much nicer riding frame with better BB and front end stiffness all while being more compliant. Having a bike that rides better will make you want to ride more and will make you faster then any wheel upgrade.

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by boysa

This. Thread. Is. From. 2003.
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by mrgray

wow! best ever resurrection party! the amazing thing is i have some of the latest hyperons and they weigh 1231g! no skewers. campy haven't done anything with these things for almost 15 years! and they are still pretty amazing.
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