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by Musiker

Took the plunge and ordered a Neo Exile frame and I could finally pick it up yesterday
All in all I am very satisfied with the finish.
Had the following issues sofar:
- Back mounting hole for the brake needed to be grated before I could get the brake mounted.
- A screw keeping the guide for cable under the BB needed to be cut shorter in order for the BB to go in.
- Also the BB threading was kinda rough and needed some cleaning/redrilling before the BB could be mounted without force.

Build have just started. Since it is my first build I am pretty excited..

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Weights the ones with "actual" Is weighed by me, rest is listed and a few is guesses:
Frame Neo Exile                                    970g Actual
Fork Neo Exile                                     330g Uncut Actual
Sram Force                                        2147 Actual
Wheels Halo Mercury                               1546
Speedplay Light Action CroMo                       210
Seatpost Neo Exile                                 190 Actual
Seat Selle Italia SLR KIT Carbonio                 125
Nokon Brake cables                                 150 guess
Headset Chorus Hiddenset TTC headset 1 1/8"         82   
Specialized S Works SL Handle Bar                  225 Actual
Stem FSA OS-99 110 mm                               98g Actual
Spacers Carbon Spacerset UltraSpace BHP-35, set     13g (For all?)
Bottle Cage                                         40
Bike computer, spare tubes                         500 (guess)
Tyres                                              540
Total                                             7198

by Weenie

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Tinea Pedis
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by Tinea Pedis

The matte black finish certainly is very nice! I like it!

A lot!

And minus that additional 500g (how many spare tubes are you carrying??! :shock: :lol: ) it's going to come in at a tick over 15lbs. Nice!!!

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by Peter_E

Nice to see another (swedish?) Neo. Seems like a solid build. and around 7,2 seems realistic. Maybe a little lighter even. My Neo with Chorus weighs a little below 6,85 with Zipp 303 tubulars and 7,3 with heavy 1.600 gram clinchers.
If you want to predict weight don't forget seatclamp, skewers, bartape, expander for steerertube and so on.

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by Musiker

LOL thanks - Yeah the matte looks really good,is somewhat sensitive towards greasy fingerprints though, LOL.. The sheet started as a rough guestimate.. Getting closer to the real weight as the parts tick in.. Wheels will hopefully arrive early next week, wonder how close to the proclaimed weight they will be and I get a few parts later today aswell.

The 500g are most likely over the top - I carry 2 tubes, a minitool (Specialized) - A 40grams pump a Polar SX725 with cadence and speed sensors.

The wheels are bought as a training set - I needed a new set anyways, and I might buy a better set later on, but for now I settle with the Halo's.. And see how I like it so far.

@Peter E - Not Swedish, but nordic atleast (Danish, Copenhagen) - Seat clamp is included in frame weight, but I don't really know the weight of the other things (Skewers I ordered late last night. So those I could add) - I also guess that 7.2 is realistic -Bearing that I se aside 500g for my spare tubes and tools - I will know in a few weeks time, when I have all parts.

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by micky

Matte is the next black! :smartass: :mrgreen:

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by Fuchspk

oh thats an nice looking frame! hope to see the hole bike soon!

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by Musiker

micky wrote:Matte is the next black! :smartass: :mrgreen:

:P - Like in all other areas of fashion I seem to be ahead and behind at the same time.. My old frame is matte black aswell. I like it and always have

Fuchspk wrote:oh thats an nice looking frame! hope to see the hole bike soon!

I will post pictures of the whole bike, build is progressing nicely. Have mounted BB and fork without issues..

Will post a few more pictures - I will most likely have it finished sometime this coming week..

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by mcrdave

V nice, welcome to the Neo club. I'm also at 7.2kgs at the moment with pretty heavy roval wheels.

Look frward to seeing an update

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by Musiker

Got some more done.. installed and cut fork, routed cables and adjusted brakes.

Mounted my wheels from my old bike just to get an idea about how the bike fit and it seems to be perfect - Since the wheel are with a 9speed casette I have not yet fine tuned the shifting. And to get the fork done, I need to get an carbon top cap - Reading the Chorus headset manual they mention that the wedge star type nut should not be used in a carbon fork, is this really a big issue? Without a top cap to adjust bearing pressure, there seems to be around one or two mm's of rocking..
Anyways I plan on buying an expanding type unless someone say that using a star type is ok in a carbon fork, hehe!

Anyways as the bike is shown on the picture below, it weighs 6.60kgs.
Things missing:

Wheels are around 5 year old openpro rims laced onto old ultegra hubs.. I have not weighed them, but they are most likely heavy! Atleast 1800gr I would imagine.


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by Peter_E

Nice build but do you need to have the stem that way? You should definitely get an expander for the fork steerer (will add ca 40g).

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by Raxel

Reverse the stem, and get a expander! (But I have read that some bianchi bikes are assembled with starnut :shock: )

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by Musiker

LOL thanks.. Just wanted to check if anyone was paying attention.. No really I did! Mhh ok I was tired when I did it? Buy that one?

Have ordered a 29g topcap and a new front deraillieur clamp. The Shimano one I had is not the best of fit.

Anyyyywayyyss Reversed the stem and mounted my pedals (The fastner on the handle needs to go, just dident have anymore tape):
6.9kg as on the picture. Still missing:
- Bartape (??)
- Chain (243g actual, not shorted yet)
- Topcap (not weighed 29g)
- Wheelset (guessing 200-300g lighter than the current one)

With a bit of luck (and if the wheelset is around the promised weight) I will manage to keep it just around 7kg - Which in my opinion is pretty good for a start..
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by Hubert

Nice bike. Bummer about the neocycles decal on the chainstay (unless it's removable).
Turn down the suck knob.

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by phallenthoul

Hubert wrote:Bummer about the neocycles decal on the chainstay (unless it's removable).

why is that :(

by Weenie

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by Musiker

The decal is not to bad IMO - However it would have been nicer if it was written with same types as the two other decals. And even better if it had not been there at all.
Wheels should arrive today or after the weekend. Tracking show them in denmark now ;) - Have mounted a controltech topcap.. Seems to do the job nicely.


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