Crank lenghts?

Especially for light weight issues concerning cyclocross / touring bikes & parts.

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by G-manracing

What are people running? I am running a 175 on my MTB and 172.5 on my road bike. Was thinking of running a 175 LX crank on my new cross bike with 46/34 rings. Anybody else run MTB cranks?

Cheers G-man
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by ndbike

When first built up my 'cross bike I used an old set of Race Face mtb cranks that I had laying around. I've always used 175's on my mtb and 172.5's on my road bike. I did my first 2 years with the Race Face mtb crank and never felt quite comfortable turning them over. Then 2 seasons ago I bought a set of FSA Energy road cranks (172.5) to make a single chain ring set up. I feel so much better with these cranks. I never thought I would notice the difference of 2.5mm but it really did make a difference for me. I'd recommend that you use the same length cranks on your 'cross bike that you use on your road bike.

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