Storck 0.9 v. Scott C1

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by ks04us

I know this topic was talked about before but I read it again and didn't get any real information on it. I've heard a couple people on the site say that their Scott is pretty stuff, but how stiff is the Storck? Has any one ridden one? I ask because I'm thinking about getting (sometime in the next 5years :roll: )either a Giant composite, The Storck or the Scott. The Scott is probablt the lightest but it is the also the most expensive. Wereas the Giant is cheaper than the other two. So I'm trying to get an idea of the Storck's attributes. I'm some what of a sprinter (or I try) and I need something that's light for those wonderful hills. Let me know what you guys think.

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by limba

Well Giant has a new frame coming out next year.I think I'm going to wait and buy that when it comes out.
Nobody sells Scotts around here.

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by spytech

The people at poshbikes steered me away from the scott and said the storck 0.9 was just as stiff. he also mentioned that some people were having problems with the BB coming loose on the Scott frames. but which ever you go you cant lose, i went with the giant because alot of people loved the bike, it had good reviews, i road one before (was a little big) and it was 800 bucks cheaper for the frameset, than the scott or storck 0.9.

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by ks04us

I am seriously looking at Giants on ebay, they have pretty good prices. But I would venture to guess that the people at Poshbikes steered you in the direction of the Storck because they are big dealer of Storck's. But that's just a guess. Has any one actually ridden a Storck 0.9?

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by Francois_Viviers

The guys at poshbikes warned me about the inserts on FSA carbon cranks coming loose and also ITM magnesium stems cracking around the base near the back. Did not pay to much attention to this as they were trying to sell me similar parts but form different suppliers, so now I have a pair of FSA carbon pro with the non drive side insert detached from the carbon and I am also the proud owner of an ITM magnsium stem that has a big crack near the base, so big in fact that you can feel the step from one side of the crack to the other.

But I still think both products are/were quite good and this is why I replaced them with the same again. Anyone that rides a lot should replace their stem/handlebar every year or so. Unless the handlebar is carbon, then from what I have heard it should not be a problem. As for Storck, I have heard a lot of people speak very highly of his products

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