Difference between Campy and Shimano lockrings?

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by newbieweenie

I posted this over in Bicycling.com's forums with no response so I am trying you guys.

Right now I am currently running Bontrager Race Lites with a shimano hub body. I have full record drivetrain and am using the American classic conversion cassette. I will be purchasing a set of Topolino clinchers with a campy hub and have already purchased a new Ti cassette to go with this. And finally, my question:

Will the lockring from the American Classic conversion cassette work on my new Topolino's with new cassette? Or do I need to get a new lockring. Thanks in advance.

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by sharkman

Think you will need a new lockring. I allready have about 3 types of Campy lockrings an two from shimano.
Get yourself a cheap Marchiso or Mavic alu lockring, it will oly cost a few dollars.

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by madcow

Definitely not. You will need to buy a new lockring. Make sure you get one thats compatible with your last cog. ie 11t or 12t

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by newbieweenie

I got this. Hopefully it holds up. Supposed to only be 6g
Aluminum Lockring
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